Fiscal court sets tax rate, approves bid for Wellness Center repairs

Posted September 4, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Clinton County Fiscal Court set the county’s yearly tax rates and approved the lone bid on repair work to the Twin Lakes Wellness Center, contingent upon state approval on the latter. All magistrates were present for the 8:30 a.m. special meeting held Tuesday morning, September 3 in the judge/executive’s conference room.

The court first dealt with the Wellness Center repair issue, hearing from Tom Wilson of AFA Engineering, LLC of Lexington, which reviewed the sole bid from Green Mechanical Construction, Inc. of Glasgow, which also had a representative at the meeting.

Wilson reviewed the work to be done, using most of the remaining grant funds allotted for the original construction of the facility.

The work will include installation of an energy recovery unit ($96,325); conversion from propane to natural gas ($14,853); service and repairing existing air handlers and water air cooled water chiller ($5,000 each); and a two-year maintenance on the HVAC system and pool ultra violet system (lamp) at a combined $22,544.00. For a total base bid of $143,722.00.

The bid also contained three alternates, which contained from a three year maintenance to a five year plan both the HVAC and pool ultra violet system–including third, fourth and fifth year maintenance contract, for a total on all three of $186,574. Wilson recommended the court accept the bid including the three alternates.

The report noted converting the building from a propane to a natural gas fuel source, which will be a money-saver on heating the facility and installing an HVAC unit for the pool area that will dehumidify, be equipped with heat exchanger to recover heat from the required exhaust system, “and will provide partial heating for the pool water.”

Wilson noted the last portion pertaining to providing partial heating for the pool added about $80,000 to the project with a savings of $4,000 per year over 20 years.

Judge/Executive Lyle Huff, when questioned about the gas line, said approval was already in place to lay the lines with an easement to be required. The natural gas line would run between the high school football field to the Tuggle property on U.S. 127, then northward to the Wellness Center area.

Huff told the court the natural gas line would not only serve the Wellness Center, but the EMS facility and proposed new Albany Fire Department building that is to be constructed adjacent to both aforementioned buildings.

Judy Keltner, with the Lake Cumberland Area Development District, the agency which has helped guide the Wellness Center project since its initial request for funding, said that as of the meeting Tuesday morning, the DLG (Department of Local Government) had yet to officially approve the bid, which they have to do when only one bid on a project is received. However, she did advise the court they could accept the bid, “contingent upon DLG approval.”

Magistrate Mickey Riddle asked questions about the natural gas line as well as maintenance issues.

Wilson said the maintenance would only include labor and Keltner noted that after the $186,574 was expended for repairs, there would be a little over $45,200 left in grant funds, which should cover the cost of laying the gas lines.

Following the presentation and questions, Magistrate Terry Buster made the motion to approve the bid from Green Mechanical, contingent upon DLG approval and the motion passed by unanimous vote.

County Treasurer Dallas Sidwell then presented the proposed tax rates for the coming tax year. The court had the option of setting the compensating rate of 6.3 cents per $100 assessed value, or taking the four percent allowed increase, which would have put the rate at 6.5 percent.

Magistrate Riddle made the motion to set the rate at 6.3, the compensating rate, which passed by unanimous vote.

Sidwell also presented the state mandated rates for motor vehicle and water craft, which is 7.8 percent, the same as last year. A motion to approve the tangible property rate was made by Magistrate Ricky Craig and passed by unanimous vote.

The county then voted to approve the tax rate presented by the Soil Conservation District at 1.6 cents, the compensating rate, with Magistrate Phillip Parrigin making the motion.

Also approved was the Extension Service rates of 5.1 on real property, 10.07 on personal and 2.00 on motor vehicle, the compensating rates. The motion to approve was made by Magistrate Buster and passed unanimously.

Magistrate Mickey Riddle then questioned Judge Huff about the special meeting’s times always being at 8:30 in the morning, saying that he and others had to work and it made it hard to attend the early morning meetings.

Other magistrates, including Patty Guinn also agreed with Riddle on the issue, saying she too had to work in the early mornings.

Judge Huff, however, said it was up to the descretion of the judge/executive as to when to set dates and times for special call meetings.

Following the brief exchange, the court voted to enter into an approximate 10-minute closed session on personnel without taking an action upon returning to open session.

The next regular meeting of Clinton Fiscal Court is scheduled for Thursday, September 19 at 5 p.m. and is open to the public.