Section of by-pass opens

Posted October 2, 2013 at 2:09 pm


As of this past Monday, September 30, a new section of the U.S. 127/Albany Bypass in Clinton County is now open.

The newly constructed portion of the U.S. 127 was opened at the intersection with KY 1590, just west of Clinton County Hospital (near WANY radio station), extending 5.35 miles south, and connecting back to the existing U.S. 127 just south of Spring Creek. The remaining portion of the new U.S. 127, which is still under construction and extends into Tennessee, is scheduled to be opened this fall.

The opening of this new section takes traffic around the city of Albany creating less congestion and easier travel for drivers along that route. Now that the new portion of U.S. 127/Albany Bypass is open, the old section of U.S. 127, which runs through downtown Albany, will be renamed Business U.S. 127.

In order to construct connector tie-ins into the new U.S. 127 bypass, a section of Business U.S. 127 will be closed to through traffic near Gayle Bowlin Road for about three weeks. In addition, traffic on KY 553, Fairgrounds Road, KY 738, and Churntop Road now has to stop at intersections with new U.S. 127. The public is urged to use caution in these areas as drivers get accustomed to new traffic conditions.

Along with the new section of the bypass, connector tie-ins and stop signs at intersections, motorists will also notice a new flashing yellow traffic signal for left-hand turns for the U.S. 127 approach of the intersection at KY 1590. The signal was activated the same day the new section opened to traffic.

The new type of left-turn signal has been used on Kentucky roads since 2009. The signal differs from the traditional three light–red, yellow, green–signal and offers a safer and more efficient way to establish right-of-way for left-turning vehicles at intersections.

The signal incorporates a four-section display:

* A steady red arrow indicates the driver turning left should stop.

* A steady yellow arrow indicates the signal is getting ready to turn red and drivers should stop if it is safe to do so.

* A flashing yellow arrow means left-turns are permitted, however, drivers may only turn left after first yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

* A steady green light means left-turns are permitted and protected. On-coming traffic is stopped for left-turns with this signal.

Left turn signal indications will also be added for the KY 1590 approaches to the intersection, however these signals will be the traditional green arrow left-turn display signal.

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