Russell County News-Register

Posted December 4, 2013 at 3:05 pm

The simple idea of a generous little girl shows our youth really do have heart, and you can help.

Hadleigh Parrish, six-year-old daughter of Tracie and Matt Parrish, has come up with the idea of having a yard sale to give items away to those who need it.

“She wanted to do something nice for someone at Christmas,” said Hadleigh’s mother Tracie.

At first she wanted to go through her toys and I told her sure, go ahead, but then she said well let’s have a yard sale but we don’t want people to have to pay anything and that way they can get what they need.”

The simple idea evolved further after talking with her mother.

She decided that maybe it could be free for whoever needs it, or people could donate money if they wanted for items.

When her mother asked what they would do if they made any money, she told her mother that they would go to the grocery store and buy food to donate to God’s Food Pantry.

“I was like, it just tickled me to death,” her mother said. “I thought with a heart like that six year old’s, she is going to do some amazing things. But she came up with this all by herself and we are just supporting her,”

The support extends also to her older sister who will be helping her, eight year old Mattie Parrish.

The “yard sale” will be Sunday, December 8 at the Russell County Middle School. It will be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and they are hoping that the community will join in, either to bring things to donate or to pick up things that your family may need. And they want to make it clear that its donation only but there is no pressure to donate. Hadleigh just wants to make sure that other children have a Christmas.

“If somebody needs something and they can’t afford to buy it then come get it,” Tracie said. “If we have it they can take it. If they can afford, we’ll have a donation box there, and if they want to donate money, all proceeds will go to buying food for God’s Food Pantry.”

You can contact Tracie Parrish at 270-343-0954. They will be setting up for the yard sale the evening before and will be glad to accept items at that time preferably.

“I just want to do my part to make someone else’s Christmas better,” Hadleigh said.

Please go out and support the growth of a sense of giving within a beautiful little six-year-old girl.