To the Editor

Posted January 13, 2016 at 3:29 pm

To the Editor,

Abimelech has accomplished his dream of being king over Sechem. He has done it through campaign speeches of his mother’s brothers. He has done it through the murders of the 70 sons born to his father’s wives. All 70 except for the youngest son, Jotham, who managed somehow to hide.

As they were finishing naming Abimelech king, Jotham appears close enough that they can hear him but not put their hands on him. He tells them in Judges 9:7 “Listen to me, citizens of Sechem, so that God may listen to you.”

He tells the story of the day the trees decided to select a king for themselves. Each tree asked refuses because what they are already doing has great value to it. The olive tree produces olive oil with which

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