To the Editor

Posted September 21, 2016 at 8:15 am

To the Editor,

Back in the 1880s in London, England, Gerald Witherspoon was a poor bachelor working as a clerk on records at Scotland Yard, top dog of law enforcement. Then his aunt died, leaving him a huge house and lots of money.

Along with the house came a coachman named Smythe who drove his carriage, and a footman named Wiggins who ran errands. He hired a housekeeper named Mrs. Jeffries, and a cook named Mrs. Goodge. A hungry girl looking for help collapsed on his doorstep, she became his maid.

None of these people had close family, so as they got to know each other, they became a family.

Witherspoon climbed up the ladder at work until he reached the job of Inspector in the Homicide Department.

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