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John and Kathy Fuller on the steps where they were married, above in 1949, and below, in 2019.

Posted June 26, 2019 at 8:17 am

Fullers celebrate

70 years

by John Fuller

John and Kathy Fuller of Albany, traveled down Memory Lane to the small town of Point Isabell, a small town near Marion, Indiana where they stood on the same steps at the church where they were married on June 18, 1949.

They retired from Delco Remy in the 1980s and moved to Clinton County, Kentucky.

Growing up in Indiana, there were many family farms in the area and we both were from big families. We lived just down the road from each other.

Work on the

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    May Day,

    Hay Day

    by Tammy Waid McClellan

    May Day Hay Day

    I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world. I absolutely love living in Clinton County and just this week I stopped to make a picture of my neighbor working his hay and take in a fresh breath of newly cut hay. Working in hay is an art and one that I enjoy seeing as I drive around rural America.

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    The Weber boys defended our country

    by John A. Weber

    My mother was very proud of her six sons who served in the military.

    The oldest, Earl, served in the Navy. Ervin was in the Army over in Germany towards the end of the war. Edwin and Elvin served in the Army in Korea.

    John and Wilbur served in the Air Force during the Korean War but could not be in Korea

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    A day in the life of John Fuller . . .

    by John Fuller

    A day in the life of 89 year old John Fuller who lives at the end of the road overlooking Dale Hollow Lake.

    (My) day starts at five a.m. I give thanks to God and coffee time, watch the night fade into daylight. I have many windows, each one has a story to tell.

    First window, three deer grazing in the field

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    Coach Lois Haddix

    A coach, a mentor, a friend . . .

    Janie Upchurch Gibson

    Clinton County News Associate Editor/Office Manager

    Former Lady Bulldog Statistician

    Coach, Mrs. Lois Haddix, passed away last week at age 83 in Berea, her actual hometown. Thankfully for all of us who knew and loved her, she made a stop in Clinton County and called it home for many years as well.

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    School shootings raise debates

    by Brooke Wright,

    Recent school shootings raise debates on gun control

    Jerry Hester, a 64-year-old retiree from Bowling Green sat outside JC Penney in Greenwood Mall talking to a group of friends. He reminisced on hunting when he was younger.

    Hester said he has always been familiar with guns in his lifetime.“When I grew up, we had BB guns at about seven,” he said. “At 11, we had a .410, and after that we had

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    The world has changed

    Boy has the world changed. Not for the better I think.

    When I was a kid, I grew up watching “I Love Lucy,” “Andy Griffith,” the “Beverly Hillbillies,” etc. Now what do kids see on TV? Sex, dirty language, etc. Back in my early days, if a dirty word was said on TV, that would have been a disgrace. Now it is a common occurrence.

    When I grew up, we went to church every service Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night

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    Cinderella marries Prince Charming

    I had the most wonderful experience on Labor Day weekend. I went to a wedding in Culver, Indiana. It was just like seeing Cinderella being married to Prince Charming. Kirsten Ann Elliott, the daughter of Kyle and Lori Elliott married Jordan Spencer Steele, the son of Grady and Linda Stockton Steele.

    The wedding took place in the Culver Memorial Chapel. The chapel is a living tribute to the 6,500 Culver men who served in World War II, as well as those who served in Korea

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    A Tribute Worthy of a Good Man

    by Randy Speck

    Clinton County has lost a good man. David Gene York began teaching in 1969 and was teaching when he died last Thursday. Always kind, caring and compassionate, he instructed hundreds of us over the years in different subjects, but the biggest lesson he taught us, one that we definitely should learn from, was how to be an example of Christ.

    His daughter, Sherry, said “My daddy would want everyone to know he was different because Jesus Christ was

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    Remembering Coline ‘Hay’ Gibson My condolences to the Hay, Gibson families.

    Remembering Coline ‘Hay’ Gibson

    My condolences to the Hay, Gibson families.

    I was born August 26, 1935. At this time, Coline Hay was teaching my siblings at the one room school in Shipley, Clinton County, Kentucky. My siblings were James, Juanita and Printice “Bud” Willen. My parents named me after their teacher, Coline Hay. I was also named Vallie after another teacher, Vallie Ross. I always told everyone I should be a smart person because I was named after two school teachers. Ha! Ha! I never had

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