Remembering Coline ‘Hay’ Gibson My condolences to the Hay, Gibson families.

Posted August 30, 2017 at 8:52 am

Remembering Coline ‘Hay’ Gibson

My condolences to the Hay, Gibson families.

I was born August 26, 1935. At this time, Coline Hay was teaching my siblings at the one room school in Shipley, Clinton County, Kentucky. My siblings were James, Juanita and Printice “Bud” Willen. My parents named me after their teacher, Coline Hay. I was also named Vallie after another teacher, Vallie Ross. I always told everyone I should be a smart person because I was named after two school teachers. Ha! Ha! I never had the privilege of meeting either of them and, at my age, 82, I was surprised when I saw Coline’s obituary in the Clinton County News.

Also Coline’s brother, Dr. Floyd Hay, furnished my brother, Rev. Prentice “Bud” Willen, a flute to play in the First Nazarene

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    Aunt Coline Gibson

    Aunt Coline Gibson

    Aunt Coline

    Aunt Coline died this week at the age of 103.

    Quite a feat for a small framed, feisty little woman who had a mind like a steel trap, but a body that couldn’t keep up with her thoughts.

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    Rachel’s Lemonade for St. Jude; open for the 11th year

    Every summer it comes this time of year. The days are long and hot, families are trying to get last minute fun in before school starts back, kids are going shopping for school supplies and new clothes, and we all start asking “where has the summer gone?”.

    As we go through all these things , I also start thinking about the 127 Sale and the preparation needed for my annual Rachel’s Lemonade Stand. But this year was different. I had

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    Reader’s Write



    by Rebecca Stockton

    Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mental illness that is classified as a mood disorder. People who suffer from bipolar disorder experience elevated moods alternating with episodes of depression. Bipolar disorder has varying levels of severity, and, in really severe cases, there is a risk of suicide and self harm.

    Famous people with bipolar disorder are or were: Carrie Fisher (actress, author); Robin Williams (actor); Chris

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    Remembering cruises and trips

    Have you made out your bucket list? Mine is almost complete. I’m glad I did my bucket list before I got too old to enjoy it.

    I love to snow ski, ride horses, clog, and ride on my motorcycle. I’ve been on three cruises. I love cruises. I think they are your best, and cheapest, vacations. All food is furnished and they have wonderful chefs on these cruise ships. The food is delicious.

    I went to California to be on the “Price

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    Ms. Mary Denton Pierce’s fudge

    My Home Economics teacher, Mary Denton Pierce, taught her students to make this fudge. I imagine many generations from CCHS have enjoyed it across the years.

    My Aunt Stella made it for our family after she learned it in the late 1940s. Stella became such an expert that she was able to finish it as glossy dropped candy pieces. It was always a Very Special Treat at our house. She never had to clean the pan!

    Hone Ec students who also worked

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    Readers Write …

    From the

    Magic Kingdom to Albany

    Hello, my name is Danny. I just recently moved here from Florida and found full time work in Albany. I like the feel of your hometown atmosphere and community and look forward to serving the residents of your town.

    I was reading your local newspaper and saw the article, “Let the Reader’s Write,” so after spending thirty-five years in Florida I thought I would

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    Watching the pretty girls go by

    In late 1990 I started working at Ferguson Brothers Hardware in Albany. Anyone that is at least my age and has lived or been in or around Albany during the 80s and 90s has seen George Ferguson sitting at the front of the hardware store in his over-stuffed chair. George was most likely asleep if you saw him sitting there, and Clara was probably doing some knitting in her chair across from George. They were two people that, in my mind, have summed up what it’s like growing up

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    Readers Write …

    Peace is an


    There is no such thing as peace. Peace is a human concept that has no place in the natural world. What we consider peace is an illusion, a temporary reprieve from the chaos of existence. It is a word we use to promote our desires and ways of thinking onto other people. When we want others to live and believe and behave as we do, we cry out for peace. When others reject these behaviors and beliefs, we claim that peace

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    Charlene Conley, a longtime friend and co-worker

    My brother, Mark, and I watched the morning of September 6th as Lamon Hubbs planted our longtime friend and co-worker, Charline Conley, at Elk Spring Cemetery. Steve Lawson was also there, along with Lamon’s dad, Lamon. At the request of Steve Talbott, Lamon Sr. said a prayer before they lowered Charline’s casket into the ground. She now lies beside her mom and dad, Tom and Olga Conley, and just a few feet from her grandparents, David and Margaret (Maggie) Gregory. Her aunt and uncle, James and Ollie McClane, lie

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