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Rachel’s Lemonade for St. Jude celebrates 10 years

Posted August 3, 2016 at 1:55 pm

Ten years ago my friend Abbi and I held our first lemonade stand and told the Clinton County News we had hopes of buying a playhouse. However, we only made around $100 (we later found out most of that came from my parents). I soon learned of a girl in another state that donated her lemonade stand money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I then decided I wanted to do the same.

I feel very blessed for my health but unfortunately some kids have health issues. I feel that since I’m so fortunate that I should do my best to help others and that’s why I love helping the patients at St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Ten years ago I never imagined that I would still be hosting a lemonade stand nor

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    Lets stop being divided and weak

    I am an American.

    I am not a “white American,” an “African American,” an “Irish American,” or a “native American.” I’m an American, and my heritage or ancestral history doesn’t affect that in any way. I am an American.

    Whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Hindu, or anything else, if you are an American, then I will, and have, put my life on the line to defend your Americans rights. Your religion, or lack

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    Welcome to the Partridge Head green bean Capital of the World!

    I am a southern boy, deep-rooted in rich Appalachian green bean tradition and proud of it. I love green beans. All of them. I love them year round, especially this time of year. There is nothing better than green beans from the garden and in the South, home-grown green beans are a sacred ritual.

    The different varieties of green beans are one thing, and I will talk about that in a minute, but knowing how to cook green beans is the secret. Here in Appalachia, our women folk, and probably even some

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    Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    by Madeline McWilliams

    Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    By: Madeline McWilliams

    History, Immigration and Background

    In 1763, the first Asians to settle in the United States were Chinese and Filipino. In 1840, increasing numbers of Chinese workers immigrated to the western U.S; as well as Japanese and Koreans, in Hawaii. They were not granted citizenship, even if their children were born in the United States. This exclusion caused them

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    A Christmas Gem:

    The Garden Spot

    I was thinking about a few last minute gift ideas and thought of one of my favorite stores that I had not visited this Christmas season. Now this is not an advertisement but just some of my thoughts and experiences written down.

    I visit this this store often and have watched children grow into adults here and people with a hard work ethic make the store their careers. Often times when you visit public stores

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    Remembering Pearl Harbor and Albany’s Clay Cooper Rector

    The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, from the air on Sunday, December 7, 1941. 3,500 Americans were killed or wounded, including Storekeeper 3rd Class Clay Cooper Rector of Albany, one of 1,177 casualties aboard the USS Arizona, which rests at the bottom of the harbor.

    The first torpedo in the assault on Pearl Harbor hit the USS Raleigh at about 7:55 a.m. Sunday morning. Battleship Row was hit at 7:57 a.m.

    The USS Arizona was moored inboard of the repair ship Vestal

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    Spending time with a legend

    Wes Strader, The Voice of the Hilltoppers

    Saturday, David Cross and I were at Western Kentucky University’s E.A. Diddle Arena in Bowling Green and watched both Hilltoppers men’s and ladies’ basketball teams win their games, over Stony Brook and Louisville, respectively.

    At half-time of the men’s game, I was walking through one of the tunnels when I heard someone call out my name from the opposite end. It was the legendary voice of the Hilltoppers, Wes Strader. It

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    Look for Rachel’s Lemonade for St. Jude stand during the 127 Sale

    In 2006 two little girls held a lemonade stand in hopes for buying a playhouse. They only raised about $100 and decided to give the proceeds to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They had no idea what would come of that first lemonade stand.

    I just happened to be one of those little girls and from that first lemonade stand has now become the annual Rachel’s Lemonade for St. Jude event.

    Since then I, along with several friends, have held a

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    Readers Write …

    Coffins and stick cars

    Memories of a school called Lettered Oak

    by Ira Griffin Hughes

    As a child I attended a two-roomed school called Lettered Oak.

    My grandfather told me that the school was named Lettered Oak because Daniel Boone once went through the area and carved his name on an oak tree.

    The school had a

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    Let the readers write


    by Forest F. Harvey

    “Don’t throw it away – Mend it” was the slogan of the MENDETS (REG. U.S. Pat. Off.).

    Recently my wife found a display card with two MENDETS still attached. …. Cost 10 cents. These were used to patch holes in aluminum cookware as well as other household items in bygone times.

    This brought to mind the era of using patches

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