Deer harvest

Posted November 16, 2016 at 9:14 am

Jaxon Hadley harvested this 12 point buck with a drop tine on November 12 in Clinton County.

    grant deer.psd

    Deer harvest

    Jared Grant killed this eight-point buck in Clinton County on Sunday, November 6. This is his first buck with a bow. Grant killed the deer with a Bear Bow, Black Eagle arrow and a Rage Broadhead.

    KSP warns motorists of increased deer activity

    With the changing of fall leaves comes the migration of wildlife, particularly deer. The Kentucky State Police is urging all motorists to be aware of the increased dangers posed by deer wandering onto roadways this fall.

    “Drivers should be engaged, alert and on the lookout for deer this time of year. Deer mating season leads to higher roaming activity all across the Commonwealth, which leads to more car-deer crashes,” says KSP Lt. Michael Webb.

    In 2015, Kentucky recorded 3,283 vehicle-deer

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    Kentucky opens more land for public hunting

    Public land hunting opportunities in Kentucky just grew by more than 4,600 acres.

    The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources announces the opening of six new properties ranging from Ballard County in the west to Bath County in the east. Newly opened properties include one new wildlife management area in Nelson and LaRue counties, plus additions to five existing wildlife management areas.

    Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Gregory K. Johnson said the

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    Trophy Bass Propagation Program restarts

    Now that water temperatures are settling downward for the fall, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is resuming its trophy bass propagation program.

    The program only accepts trophy-sized largemouth bass from anglers. In return, anglers receive a free replica mount of the fish. Bass accepted for the program are used as broodstock to grow a new generation of large fish.

    “By pairing male and female largemouth bass that have already shown the ability to grow to larger-than-average size,

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    Ky Afield Outdoors:

    Strategies for taking kids hunting

    Kentucky offers youth hunters an assortment of special seasons in the fall and winter months.

    In the mind of a young hunter making the transition from observer to participant, these opportunities to hunt deer, elk, furbearers, small game and waterfowl are milestones never to be forgotten. As such, adult mentors know it falls on their shoulders to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience that leaves their young companion wanting to return to the field another day.

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