Dawgs win first ever football playoff game

Posted November 13, 2019 at 1:41 pm

The Clinton County Bulldogs Football team went into Friday night’s game as a number three seed in the district and upset the number two team, Monroe County, to advance to the district finals this Friday night, November 15.

The Bulldogs defeated Monroe County, 14-7 and will advance to play Edmonson County, at Edmonson County, with a 7:30 p.m. kick off.

Edmonson County defeated Green County 45-18 in its first round game.

In a previous matchup between Clinton County and Edmonson County, Edmonson County defeated the Bulldogs, 13-0 at home.

When asked about the next big game Friday, Head Coach Rocky Tallent said. “We feel good about it. With a dry field that night we have a shot. They are a little bit different to prepare for. Edmonson County does have a powerback that’s pretty good and they have more weapons with speed. We have a lot of hope and a lot of momentum. I’m excited for my kids to be able to play another week of the sport they love … especially for the seniors. As a senior you never want it to end, so extending the season by a week probably seems like a month for them.”

The Bulldogs started off the game with two touchdowns and remained ahead by that score up until the end of the third quarter.

Monroe County scored a touchdown and kicked the extra point to get to within seven points of the Dawgs, but Clinton County’s defense was holding strong and didn’t allow any more points for the remainder of the game.

Tallent said he is extremely proud of this team.

“We had great offensive play calls at the right time by Coach Tyler King,” Tallent said. “The defense played awesome and they were dominant for most of the game.”

Chase Stines finished the game with close to 200 yards passing with two touchdowns. Adam Herald had a touchdown with an 80 yard catch. Parker Tallent also recorded a touchdown on the night.

“There are several players just to mention their names like Camerik Wright, John Stearns, Dakota Miller, Devon Martin, Cole Nuetzman, Chase Gibson all played really well,” Tallent said. “Miller and Martin had a sack or two and we actually got the quarterback this time. We had an overall good game.”

The Bulldogs move to 7-3 on the year with a 3-2 district record.

“It was cold Friday night and hats off to Monroe County for their hospitality,” Tallent said. “They had heaters in the locker room for us and anything we needed they were there to give it to us.”

Tallent said winning Friday night’s game meant a lot to the players and the coaches.

“It means a lot to the players and probably a lot more to the seniors,” Tallent said. “The kids we have coming back have a chance to best it next year, but the seniors, with this being their last year, and being the first year they had a chance to play in the playoff is something special for them.”

Tallent said there will be other teams to win playoff games and district games, but to win the first district playoff game is really something special.

“That’s something that will never be taken away from this team,” Tallent said. “Now they have a chance to win a district championship and those are a lot harder to come by .. especially around here in football. It means a lot to me and it means a lot to our program, but it means the most to our players. They put in the work and we have a great group of kids. They are very respectable on and off the field and we had a huge fan base. I don’t know if we didn’t have more fans than they did.”