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116 Washington Street – P.O. Box 360 – Albany, Kentucky, 42602

(606) 387- 5144  FAX (606) 387-7949


E-mail address:

Located in the “Twin Lakes” area, between the shores of Lake Cumberland and Dale Hollow Lake

Published weekly (Thursdays) and entered as second class mail at the
Albany, Kentucky Post Office with a paid circulation of approximately 3,750.

Format: Six Column (STD. PASS Column Widths) by 21 inches

Published by Gibson Printing Company., Inc.

Albany, Kentucky (Population 2,200) in Clinton County (Population 9,500).

Classified Rates

Includes Thank You Announcements and In Memory Advertisements

.20 cents per word ($5.00 minimum)

$5.00 set fee

Display Rates

Regular advertising open rate $5.00

Line advertising Rate Per STD. PASS Column Width (9 point type) $6.50

Commissioned Display Advertising Rate Per STD. PASS Column Width $5.00

Spot Color $75.00 Per Color

Process Color $150.00

Insert Rates

Discounts available on contract runs.

$74.70 Per Thousand – Circulation 3,400

Editor/Publisher – Alan Gibson

Office Manager – Janie Gibson

Online Editor/Photographer/Reporter –  Brett Gibson

Reporter – Gary Guffey

Advertising/Composition – Amanda Sharpe

The deadline for all display advertising and inserts is Monday at 4 p.m. (CST).
The deadline for all classifieds, news items, and pictures is Tuesday at 10 a.m. (CST)

Online Advertising Rates
Classifieds – $1 per week or $4 per month

Small blocks – $20 Rectangular blocks – $40-$60

Square blocks – $50 Top leader board – $100

All online ads run at a monthly rate with the exception of classified ads.

Subscription Rates

In Clinton & Adjoining Counties

(Cumberland, Russell, Wayne and Pickett Counties)
$30.00 – One Year

In Kentucky and Elsewhere

$45.00 – One Year

Online Subscriptions:

$3.00 per month

Please send check or money order to:
Clinton County News

P.O. Box 360, Albany, KY  42602

No subscriptions taken by telephone.  We now accept credit or debit cards. There is a $5 minimum purchase.

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