Food service programs, personnel report among items heard by school board Monday

Posted July 10, 2013 at 2:18 pm

After holding a lengthy call meeting just two weeks ago, the regular meeting of the Clinton County Board of Education on Monday evening, July 8 was shorter than usual, with only a handful of items on the agenda to be voted on. Four of five members were present for the approximate 17-minute session in which only three items of business required a vote, other than the end-of-meeting adjournment.

Food Service Director Teresa Boils first addressed the board about food bids for the upcoming school year, noting this year’s Food Service was recommending switching to the HPS program, which would provide Gordon Foods, for the food vendor for 2013-14 in conjunction with state contract bids.

Over the past four years, IWC Wholesale had been the sole bidder on food supplies, outside of ice cream.

Boils explained that HPS was also a procurement company which could obtain quotes on products, food and otherwise, needed and the cost is tied in with the bid. Food Service has to procure at least three bids on any product purchased and HPS will do that as part of its food supply contract.

Although there is a $3,000 per year fee to contract with HPS, Boils said that would be paid through the Food Service program and that an initial study in costs for a one-month’s supply of food and other things used in the food service program showed that by using HPS, the district could save up to $2,480 in a month’s time considering the difference in food prices.

Superintendent Charlotte Bernard also said a total year’s savings, counting discounts offered by the company, could save the district over $33,500 in a years time.

The company offers a 1.25 percent discount if 90 percent of the products are purchased under the Gordon brand and an additional one percent discount if bills are paid within 10 days of receipt.

Boils also noted that HPS offered other supplies as well, such as furniture and janitorial items.

Following the presentation, Board Member Junior Cecil voted to accept the HPS proposal, which passed by unanimous vote.

The board then unanimously opted to increase the drop-out age for high school students from 16 to 18 years of age, beginning with the 2015-16 school year.

Also on a motion by Cecil, the board approved second and final reading of a policy and procedure amendment, as recommended by the Kentucky School Boards Association, to increase the drop-out age. Clinton County will join at least 90 other school districts that had previously voted on the new state legislative measure and more districts are expected to follow suit to make the age mandatory statewide.

Superintendent Bernard also said by approving the measure, the district now qualifies for the $10,000 bonus offered by the Kentucky Department of Education to districts that approve the age limit increase.

CCHS Principal Sheldon Harlan, in agreeing with the board’s decision, said he felt the new law would have a positive effect. He said there are probably some 15-year old students who have just about made their minds up to quit school at the 16-year limit, but with the new measure, they will have to reconsider and at least stay in school for now and get more education.

There were also questions about the state “no pass, no drive” measure in which students who don’t pass at age 16 can’t get a driver’s license or if a female student got married at age 17, the law may affect those students. However, the new proposed law, which is not totally in effect, apparently hasn’t gone that far to address all particular issues that may arise.

Between the food bid presentation and policy and procedure vote, Board Chairperson Paula Key gave the following monthly personnel report:

* Certified continuing contracts: Jamie Reagan, teacher at Albany Elementary; Joseph Hatfield, Ashley Duvall and Valerie Flanagan, teachers at Clinton Middle School.

* Certified hired: Teresa Scott, Principal at Clinton County Middle School; Ginger Davis, teacher, district-wide and James Walker, teacher at Clinton County High School.

* Certified transfers: Pam Upchurch from CCHS teacher to Foothills Academy teacher and Saundra Wright from part time teacher at CCMS and CCHS to full-time at CCHS.

* Classified hired: Michael Guffey, custodian and Jeff Shelton, head custodian, both at Clinton County High School.

* Classified transfers: Michael Thompson from regular bus driver to full time substitute bus driver; Sherri Shelton from AES aide to CCMS aide; Lessica Guthrie from CCMS aide to CCHS aide; Rodney Byers from CCHS aide to Clear Creek Academy paraprofessional; Janet Guthrie from preschool aide to kindergarten aide.

* Classified continuing contracts: Delmer Vitatoe, bus driver, district-wide; Jamie York, bus monitor, district-wide; Amanda Cross, office aide, Early Childhood Center; Rural Parrigin, custodian, Early Childhood Center, Willette Shelton, aide, AES and Penny Duvall, cook, Albany Elementary.

The next regular meeting of the Clinton County Board of Education is scheduled for Monday, August 12 at 5 p.m. at the Central Office board room and is open to the public.