Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted July 17, 2013 at 1:28 pm

Finally – it feels like summer

After another weekend, supposedly in the middle of the summer, of rain every day, thunderstorms and cool nights, this week is finally feeling a little like the summer we’ve all been waiting on for several weeks now.

If the forecast experts are even close to being correct, we might even get a weekend with some summer-like weather conditions – hot, dry, hot, humid, hot, sunny, hot.

Guess you can tell by now I prefer the hot days of July and August to the cold, miserable days of January and February.

In any event, the hot arrived just in time for the start of a group of C.C.H.S. sport practices – those that we for some reason call the “fall sports” that will be next in the coverage lineup for us at the Clinton County News.

Golf, soccer, volleyball, football and cross country will be the next center of sports attention locally, although golf, soccer and volleyball will be up first.

Fall practice officially began on Monday (July 15) of this week – just when the heat set in, meaning the coaches also have to keep an eye on the heat index limits as they try to get things geared up for the upcoming seasons.

Kinda looking forward to walking around Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park and watching a little golf.

Get out now and enjoy the summer weather – it’ll be over before we know it.