Letter to the editor

Posted August 7, 2013 at 2:04 pm

To the Editor,

Maggie was given to me when she was just a puppy of about three or four months old on February 5, 1999. I had to have her put to sleep on July 25, 2013 following a terrible stroke.

At first I thought of what an awful loss I felt. Just like we all are with people we hate to see die, I hated to give up Maggie.

Then I thought of all we had shared over almost fifteen years. I thought of the gift I’d been given. The blessing I’d received from having Maggie in my life. How she always welcomed others into our home. She even accepted Chuck, a cocker spaniel, but was wary of how close she came to him after he bit her on the nose.

God made everything that exists from the tiny ant to the huge universe of planets, sun, moon, and stars. God never has–and never will–make a thrown away person or thing or creature such as Maggie.

The first chapter of the Bible down to the last keep proving how serious God was about everything He did and said. I have absolutely no doubt Maggie is in heaven, and with God. She was made by the same God as made you and me. God is a loving, caring God.

Mary C. Albertson

Albany, Kentucky