Bulldogs shutout McCreary Co.

Posted September 11, 2013 at 2:23 pm

The Clinton County Football team picked up its second win of the season Friday night against McCreary County, 28-0.The Bulldogs are 2-1 on the year, which is the best start for the football team in several years.

Head Coach Jamie Miller believes his team is doing what they are supposed to do to win the game and they are learning from each experience.

“We were able to have a couple of big plays early,” Miller said. “It got us off to a really good start and our guys are playing with a little more confidence.”

Clinton County was leading at the half, 21-0 after Travis Stearns stripped the ball from McCreary and ran it in for a touchdown as time expired.

The Bulldogs came out at half time and scored again with more than 10 minutes on the clock to reach a 28-0 lead. At that point, the game clock ran continuously for the remainder of the game.

It’s not the first time the clock has kept running during a Bulldogs game, however, it is the first time it’s run non-stop with Clinton County in the lead.

“It’s kind of a reversal role from what we’ve had in the past,” Miller said. “We’ve never been in that situation before. The continuous clock was working in our favor. I’ve always thought if we were able to jump up on someone quick, especially a struggling program, then they may fold too.”

Miller said his team chemistry is somewhat different this season, comprised of guys who don’t quit midway through the game and they have the drive to win.

“We took care of the ball pretty well. I think we had three turnovers for the game,” Miller said. “We have to work on that. We can’t compete with someone during a tight game with three turnovers.”

McCreary County is a 3A school, but Miller said they only had 22 players dress. With Clinton County being considered a 2A school, the Bulldogs out-numbered the Raiders Friday night.

“For us to out number a 3A school, it looked pretty good on us,” Miller said. “I’ve got a good number of kids this year and we’ve not had any academic issues or quitting.”

Next week, Clinton County will travel to Jenkins, which will give the Dawgs a four and a half hour bus drive.

“We finally got them on the schedule and I think we can be competitive with them,” Miller said. “We worked out a two-year deal with them, so we will go up there this year and they will come down here next year.”

The Bulldogs are one game into a four-game road stretch and will be playing on Bulldog Field the first Friday in October against Lynn Camp.

“I’m ready to end this road trip on a positive note and get back home for the first of October,” Miller said.

Even though Miller is looking forward to being back on his home field, he said he is not thinking about strategy of his future games, but rather 100 percent on this Friday night’s game against Jenkins.

That game is scheduled to kick off at 8 p.m. local time.