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Posted September 25, 2013 at 1:17 pm

4-H state fair exhibit results

This summer, exhibit winners from the Clinton County Fair showcased their work at the Kentucky State Fair held in Louisville. We had an excellent turnout and our 4-Hers did an amazing job at the State Fair. Below you will find results from the fair, and if you visit our Facebook page you will find pictures of all the participants from our county: www.facebook.com/ClintonCo4H

Name Exhibit Entry Ribbon

Ansley Stalcup Class 659 – Electrical safety or energy Blue

Ansley Stalcup Class 703 – Leaf Collection Blue

Conner Gibson Class 775 – Level 2, My Community, 3- Red

Conner Gibson Class 782 – Horticultural Class Blue

Dalton Gregory Class 760 – Level 1, Single photograph Red

Dalton Gregory Class 761 – Level 1, Sequence of three Green

Makaya Gregory Class 751 – Junior Acrylic/Oil Painting Blue

Savavnnah Stockton Class 752 – Senior Acrylic/Oil Painting Blue

Savavnnah Stockton Class 754 – Senior Watercolor Painting Blue

Savavnnah Stockton Class 756 – Senior Color Drawing Red

Savavnnah Stockton Class 758 – Senior Black and White Red

Kentucky State Shoot Results

On September 14th and 15th, 4-Hers from Clinton County’s Shooting Sports Team competed at the Kentucky 4-H State Shoot at Wilmore and Berea, Ky. All of our shooters shot extremely well, and we even had one of our very own earn first place honors in a discipline. Travis Gilbert won first place in the 15/18 year old Division 1 Shotgun event. Many of our 4-Hers placed in the top 10-15 in most categories with over 1,000 total shooters from across the state. We had great support from the families who traveled to the shoots as well as our coaches who volunteered their time at the shoots. Below are the scores from all of our shooters on both days.

12/14 Year Old Division

22 Pistol – Jared Upchurch – 122, Dawson Waid – 129

22 Sport Rifle – Jared Upchurch – 124, Dawson Waid – 96

Shotgun Division 1 – Zach Glover – 41, Dawson Waid – 41,

Jared Upchurch – 41, Bryson Starns – 37, Takota Dalton – 26

15/18 Year Division

22 Pistol – Travis Gilbert – 132

22 Sport Rifle – Travis Gilbert – 125

Shotgun Division 1 – Travis Gilbert – 47, Ethridge Delk – 42,

Josh Warinner – 18

Farm License Plates

Ever wonder what the voluntary $10 donation is for when you register for farm tags every year? Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago the donation was automatically written into your total sum for registration. If you were anything like me when you saw this, you just assumed this was a way that the state was trying to take more of your hard-earned money. However, this is definitely not the case. When you voluntarily contribute the $10 donation, that money is split three ways to help Kentuckians and the youth in Kentucky. Each county is given the money they raise from the donations to help three specific groups. The first of the three-way split goes to the Kentucky Proud program which helps Kentucky farmers sell their products. A second way in which the $10 donation helps us is through the local FFA program, and the last group to receive money from donations is the local 4-H Program. In this day and age, times are tough and everyone needs to budget their income. We just wanted to take the time to inform you of what the farm tags donations are used for, and ask that you consider making a donation next time. Thank you!

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