Guthrie wins 2013 Kentucky State Ski Championship; places at Southern Regionals

Posted September 25, 2013 at 1:28 pm



The Kentucky State Water Ski competition was held July 13, 2013 at Walton, Kentucky. Pamela Denney Guthrie won first place for the 26th year in the women’s slalom event, skiing around two buoys at 32 mph and 28 feet off a regular 75 ft. towline. She also qualified for the regional and national competitions.

The Southern Regional competition was held August 24-27 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at Lymanland USA private lakesite. Guthrie, pictured here, won fourth place, skiing three and-one-half buoys at 22 ft. off the rope line. She also competed in the 2010 national competition and was tied for fifth place, losing by a half buoy in a run-off. In 2011, she won fifth in the nationals in Wilmington, Illinois, her first national metal in 25 years of skiing competition.

Guthrie is a travel nurse in the summer in Kentucky and works in Phoenix, Arizona in the winter.