Overton County News

Posted September 25, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Livingston Police Department’s recent response to a fight call at Overton Motel ended in two being charged with the manufacture of methamphetamine.

According to the police report, LPD Chief Greg Etheredge, Detective Jacob Boswell, and officers Jonathan Storie and Rick Brown, responded to Overton Motel Monday, September 2 when dispatch informed them of a fight in progress in the parking lot. The officers reportedly found two males, Montie Reynolds, 29, of Hilham and Joshua Boles, no age or address given, had been fighting over a speaker Boles had allegedly tried to remove from a 1993 Isuzu Trooper parked in front of Room 216 at the motel without Reynolds’ permission. Reynolds claimed to own the vehicle, though a check of its tags showed the owner to be an Amanda McMahon of Georgia.

Etheredge interviewed a female from the motel room, who had alledgely alerted Reynolds that Boles was removing the speaker from the vehicle.

The narrative by Etheredge said, “During the conversation, Affiant (Etheredge) believed that (he) was familiar with the female but could not place her.

“The female identified herself as Rebecca Doucette and stated that she was the one in the car with the meth lab that had uppled into (Etheredge’s) driveway with a meth lab” on Thursday, January 24. The LPD report said Doucette had recently pleaded guilty to felony charges in that case and was on probation for six years as a result.

During the investigation, officers reportedly noticed things that made them suspicious, including plastic bags that looked to have plastic bottles inside them and a closed bathroom door. Doucette, 39, of Livingston, was informed since she was on probation, she was subject to being searched at any time, the report said. Officers then reportedly asked Doucette if she had any objection to the motel room being searched, to which she indicated she did not.

“During this point, Rebecca Doucette was asked by (Etheredge) if there was a meth lab in the room. She stated that there was not a meth lab in the motel room,” the report said.

Upon searching the room, officers reportedly found a number of items commonly used in the production of methamphetamine in the bathroom, including a can of Coleman fuel, a plastic bag that had a funnel, coffee filters, and a white powder substance believed to be lye. Officers also noticed a box of cold medicine in the garbage in the bathroom. Doucette was taken into custody and charged with manufacture of methamphetamine, the report said.

LPD investigators then spoke with Reynolds and found that he had “a number of text messages from Doucette dated Tuesday, August 27 giving him instructions on which items to buy to make meth. Reynolds later reportedly admitted he had known Doucette since January 2013 and knew she had been in trouble for a meth lab recovered in Etheredge’s driveway. He also admitted to driving the Izusu Trooper to take Doucette to various locations in Overton and Putnam counties where she purchased the materials used to manufacture meth.

Doucette allegedly admitted to police that she gave Reynolds instructions on how to make meth, but “kept saying she was not the cook,” the report said.

Reynolds also was arrested and charged with manufacture of methamphetamine. The Izusu Trooper was seized because of its role as a conveyance facilitating the manufacture of meth.

The room at Overton Motel was reportedly quarantined. The report said it was determined there were no unknown mixed chemicals present and therefore the room did not possess any hazardous materials.