Dawgs drop two in a row

Posted October 2, 2013 at 1:52 pm

The Clinton County Bulldogs’ Football team dropped to 3-3 on the year with a loss to Metcalfe County on Friday, 40-6.

It was 14-0 after the end of the first period and 33-0 at halftime.

During the second half, Clinton County held out on defense and allowed only one touchdown in the second half, 40-0.

Clinton County was then able to get a ball into the end zone towards the end of the game, but the damage was already done as Clinton County lost, 40-6.

Head Coach Jamie Miller said Metcalfe County was just a more physical team.

“They were very physical up front. They were much bigger and stronger than we were on offense and the defensive line,” Miller said. “They just kind of controlled the game. We didn’t have a whole lot of success running the ball, which we’ve had success all year running the ball. We just wasn’t able to open holes.”

According to Miller, Metcalfe County has several seniors running on the front line, but he noted Clinton County has strong leadership as well.

“We play a lot of seniors as well and they had around 40 players on their sideline,” Miller said. “We are dressing in the mid-30s so that wasn’t an issue. You could tell they had been hitting the weights hard because they were just stronger.”

Miller said he and his team will work this week and try to get ready for Lynn Camp this Friday night.

“We are going to throw some different looks in defensively this week,” Miller said. “We will be working on our offensive line play and I feel like there are some things we can do to win. Defensively they are going to run similar things the way Trimble County did. We will go back and see what we did against Trimble County that was successful for us and try to work that this week.”

Lynn Camp’s new coach, according to Miller, uses more of a passing attack on their opponents.

“They have a really strong quarterback who likes to run the ball,” Miller said. “They will try and spread it out and we have to keep him in check and have good coverage on our secondary and I think we will be fine this week.”

This Friday night will mark the first game of the past four where the Bulldogs will be at Bulldog Field hosting another team.

The past four games have been road games for Clinton County and the Bulldogs came out 2-2 on the road.

“Ideally you want to be 2-2 on the road, but we could have easily been 3-1 and that would have helped us greatly,” Miller said. “It’s great to be home. I’ve told the boys, I plan on winning the next four games and we are still having a stellar year and we could come out of here with a winning season.”

Miller believes by not winning any games in the past several years has helped this year’s team strive to get the wins.

“I think there are some kids in the schools who have an interest in playing and maybe that will get them out,” Miller said. “It’s still a growing program and I think a few more faces will appear within us next year. I think the guys believe now that they can win and this will make them strive harder to win more.”

With the first home game since the end of August, Miller hopes to see the stands full come Friday night.

“I think we have good support,” Miller said. “I think we’ve had more this year than we’ve ever had. It means something to the players to look up and see a bunch of people standing around cheering them on. I know there have been several people who had attended every game, home and on the road, and I appreciate that. I hope the weather is nice for the fans to come out Friday night as well.”

Clinton County will kick off at 7 p.m. against Lynn Camp Friday night at Bulldog Field.