Park board discusses fireworks show, fall plans

Posted October 2, 2013 at 2:03 pm

The Clinton County Rec/Park Board met last Thursday, September 26 with eight members present.

The board first reviewed events that were held at Mountain View Park on Labor Day weekend (Saturday, August 31 to be specific), including the fireworks show that culminated a full day of events.

Both concession sales and donations for playground equipment, were lower than hoped for, primarily due to the ongoing rain that began late in the day and continued off and on throughout the evening.

All toll, around $1,500 in proceeds were collected and earmarked for the playground.

It was noted the fireworks display was one of the best yet, that the gospel singing was going well prior to the rain setting in, and that the board learned some things about putting on a better car show in the future.

Board members also agreed that next year, when the event is expected to be held on its original date–the 4th of July–events should be held a little closer together leading up to the fireworks show or have two or more ongoing events throughout the day to make a more successful program.

This year’s event was something of a joint venture of a lot of people, primarily the Chamber of Commerce, which annually puts together the fireworks show events, and the park board for working to hold the show at the park–which seemed to be a primary location for all involved, especially the many spectators who were able to view the show from several locations.

This weekend’s Rollercoaster Yard Sale was also briefly discussed, as Park Director Bobby Reneau expects a few vendors to set up at the park for that 28th annual sale.

The board also discussed ongoing and upcoming events that will be held at the park as the primary outdoor season winds down, including soccer, which will run through most of October, and a horseshoe tournament, as part of the Foothills Festival, scheduled for October 13.

The board also voted to purchase a unit for the air conditioner in the concession stand at approximately $200 and voted to sew grass on two ball fields.

Board Member Luke Moons also suggested a small scale fundraiser during the upcoming festival, which would involve selling tickets on various baskets that contain different prizes, such as UK tickets, etc.

The board will hold a special call meeting this coming Thursday, October 3 to finalize plans for that fundraiser. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the park and is open to the general public.