State opens another portion of bypass

Posted October 16, 2013 at 2:01 pm

The anticipated full completion of the 127 Bypass around Albany to the Tennessee state line is nearer, now that yet another section of the roadway, to the state line south of town, officially opened for traffic on Monday of this week, October 14.

The new section of the U.S. 127 in Clinton County and U.S. 127 and TN 111 in Pickett County, Tennessee is the latest section of highway to be opened to through traffic.

The newly constructed portion of U.S. 127 opened just north of the Kentucky-Tennessee line extending approximately one mile south, and connecting to TN 111. The remaining portion of the new U.S. 127, which is still under construction and extends just north of this change, is scheduled to be opened this fall.

The opening of this new section changes the traffic movements at the intersection near the state line. It will require northbound U.S. 127 traffic to stop and then make a left turn onto TN 111 or right turn onto U.S. 127 North. TN 111 traffic traveling north toward Albany and U.S. 127 southbound traffic traveling to TN 111 will no longer stop, as that is the through movements. Southbound U.S. 127 will be required to yield before turning left.

KY 1076 is now accessible from U.S. 127 just south of the state line.

The public is urged to use caution in these areas as drivers get accustomed to new traffic conditions.