2013 Foothills Festival Winners

Posted October 23, 2013 at 6:57 pm

The following is a list of winners from various contests and events that were held during last weekend’s Foothills Festival.

The list is provided by the Foothills Festival Planning Committee, and is complete as the information was provided to them.

Winners from the Saturday Lip Sync Contest can be found in captions with winner’s photos from that contest.

Float Winners

1. 180 Club

2. Clinton County Elite

3. Pine Grove UMC Youth Group


1. Makayla Parkhurst

2. Randy Smitt

3. Jane Tone

Antique Tractors

1. Steven Gray

2. Lonnie Pyles

3. J. D. Mullins

Antique Cars

1. Steve Beck

2. Carl Craig

3. Ronald Beaty

Parade Wagon Winners

1st – GA and Carrie Guthrie

2nd – James Brown and Son

Pumpkin Decorating

5 and Under

1. KayAlan Cross

2. Konlee Gibson

Pumpkin Decorating 6-10

1. Kendra Cross

2. Maggie Cross

3. Taylor Cross

Pumpkin Decorating 11-17

1. Taylor Bryant

2. Katylin Thompson

Pumpkin Carving 11-17

1. Carrie McClellan

2. Emma McClellan

3. Connie Gibson

Pumpkin Carvin 18 and Over

1. Erika Lynn

2. Liam Krick

3. Myra Mora

Lego Contest 6 and Under

1. Quid Chamberland

Lego Contest 7-11

1. Logan Hang

Parent Child Look a Like

0-6 Years

1. Dustin and William Melton

2. Chris and Cade Ipock

Parent Child 7-12

1. Misty Cross and Jaycee Branham

2. Jodie and Brooklyn Adkins

Parent Child 13 and over

1. Vicky Lowhorn and Nikita Avery

2. Carrie and Courtney Guthrie

Window Display

1. Polka Dot Shop

2. Kiss Them Goodbye

3. Clinton Jewelers

5 K Run

8 and Under Female

Trinady Warinner

Makayla Smith

Gracie Craft


Regan Page

Ella Marlow

Abbi Young


Casey Davis – Overall female winner Time 21:28

Seanae York

Sidney Domingauz


Alex Beard

Bianca Soma

Alissa Cook


Jessica Vonins

Brittney Garner

Jessi Smith

25-29 Female

Brittney Craft

Makensie DeRossett

Mica Wood


Shannon Roeper

Robin Warinner

Melanie Mantle


Tabitha Bell

Heather Wise

Chasity Yarberry


Melissa Tompkins

Kim Stockton

Sandy Staten


Donna Riddle

Lisa Beard

Colleen Wheat


Vicky Alley

Ginger Upchurch

Sandy McDine


Gail Ferguson

Dottie Ballou

Julie McGinnis


Anneda Guffey

Joann Newkirk


Gloria Ferguson

Elise Thrasher

Doris Farley

70 and Over

Susan Conner

Faye Shehan

8 and Under Male

Kenneth Smith

Noah McCutchen

9-12 Male

Zayne Murphy

Ethan Burnette

Maxwell Lawson


Brandon Banks

Jackson Harlan

Austin Rose


Jacob Cross

Sage Evans

Ethan Smith


Joseph Glidwell

Vik Soma

Blake Smith


Steven Wheat – Overall male Winner – Time 17:23

Dee Soma

Tyler King


Tyler Shafer

Adam Davidson

Brandon Norris


Craig Scott

Jesse Boles

Max Wise


Chad Gosser

Christopher Ford


Mike Beard

Jay Rowlett

Mike Williams


Jeff Tompkins

Ronnie Sexton

Mark Brewington


Alan Newkirk

Stevie Wheat

Gene Anderson


Kenny Owens

James Upchurch

Tommy Smith


Larry Craig

Gary Owens

Larry Koger

70 and Over

Jimmy Gilbert

Timothy Cantrell

Corn Hole Winners

John Bow and Anthony Smith

Kerry and Scott (no last names)