Overton County News

Posted October 23, 2013 at 7:10 pm

Livingston Academy’s gymnasium will be named Derward Vaughn Memorial Gymnasium.

Overton County Board of Education approved the naming during the Tuesday, October 8 regular monthly meeting.

A committee had been formed to choose possible names for the gymnasium, and the committee sent three names to the school board for consideration.

In considering the action last Tuesday, school board member Leslie Narrod asked, “Did we vote on them? I don’t remember that.”

Chairman Mike Hayes answered, “We didn’t because we had to get the new policy passed.”

No other names were mentioned before the vote to name the LA gymnasium after the late Derward Vaughn.

School Board member Mike Gilpatrick made the motion to name it Derward Vaughn Memorial Gymnasium, and Dolphus Dial seconded.

All school board members present voted in favor of the motion.