Albany United Nazarene Bible quizzing teams compete in Madisonville

Posted November 6, 2013 at 3:50 pm



Albany United Church of the Nazarene Bible quizzing teams competed in Madisonville, Kentucky on October 26, 2013. The red level team, pictured above, received honors as follows: Clint Moreland-silver, Clay Moreland-bronze, Makenna Upchurch-bronze, Elias Cook-Tanksley-bronze, Luke Claborn-bronze, Amelia Claborn-silver, Payton Smith-silver, Summer Pierce-bronze, Matthew Abbott (Monticello)-gold, Addison Cox, bronze, Aiden Cox-silver and Kristen Pierce-gold. The third place team consisted of Kane Cross-gold, Connor Rowe-gold, Dawson Stearns-gold All Star and Malachi Dorn-bronze. The second place team consisted of James Smith-gold, Dalton Posey-gold, Wyatt Beaman-silver and Cheyenne Smith-bronze. The first place team consisted of Adam Whittenburg-gold, Malachi Upchurch-gold, Taylor Dorn-silver and Elle Smith-bronze.