Giving Thanks

Posted November 27, 2013 at 3:51 pm

Head Start students reveal what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday season.

The following are from Mr. Adam and Ms. Julie’s class: I Am Thankful For:

— Madison Glidewell-for my Nanny, sissy, my home, my family, my Pa.

— Ashtyn Bowlin-my mommy, my bubby, Kayla, Kody, Nanny, my puppy.

— Wiley Conner-my bike and my dog.

— Lindsey Shelton-for going outside, my mommy, daddy, my sissies, and for my school.

— Kelsey Lower-for Abby, my mom, my dad, Papa, aunt Sis, Mr. Adam, Ms. Tabitha, Gabby, and Ashtyn.

— Alexander Ferrell-my mommy and my daddy.

— Mattie Turner-my sister, mommy, daddy and teachers.

— Haley York-my Mammy, my daddy, my family.

— David Baeza-Mom, Pa.

— Hayden Coe-my puppy and mommy.

— Chris Hernandez-my mommy and daddy.

— Cheyenne Gabbard-my mommy and daddy.

— Gabriella Stockton-my kitty and my family.

— Drake Booher-my dad and my family.

— Tristin Rogers-my cat, my dog, Pa and Nana.

— Colton Wilson-my mommy and daddy, Mr. Adam.

— Kelvin Escobar-my dad.

— Daylen Morrow-my mom.

— Cody Alvey-mommy.

— Rowan Ferrill-mommy, daddy, bubby.

The following are from Ms. Casey and Ms. Stephanie’s Head Start class:

— Kyleigh Booher-fish, mommy, and daddy.

— Brooke Branham-mommy and daddy.

— Trinity Clark-mommy, daddy, Shelia, and my brothers.

— Angel Cross-my mommy.

— Jedidiah Davis-mommy, daddy, and going to church.

— Keaton Dicken-mommy and daddy.

— Landen Fairchild-Isaac, Emily, my dog, grandma, Pa, mommy and Mark.

— Mariyah Hearst-mommy, daddy, grandma, puppies, Maggie.

— Samuel Lewis-mommy.

— Kaylee Martin-popcorn, mommy, daddy, sissy.

— Victor Mazariegas-mommy and daddy.

— Christian Ramirez-mommy and daddy.

— Landon Reagon-Trinity, mommy and daddy.

— Mackenzley Reed-Pey, Pey and Ty Ty.

— Meadow Rigney-daddy, mommy, Hunter, Logan and Cody.

— Corey Shelton-popcorn, mommy and daddy.

— James Sinclair-Nana and Mike.

— Addison Smith-mommy, daddy, sister, and brothers.

— Jaya Troxel-brothers, mommy, and daddy.

— Bradley Young-daddy, grandma, Pa, mommy, brothers and sisters.