Clinton Care and Rehab enjoys “Hope for a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease” Awareness Walk last week

Posted November 27, 2013 at 3:56 pm


Clinton County Care and Rehabilitation elders, family, and staff hosted the first ever “Community Alzheimer’s Awareness Walk” in our city. The walk started from Advance Auto Parts and continued around the courthouse square, ending at our Clinton County Care and Rehabiltation.

“The staff of Dr. Powell’s and Peddicord’s office cheered us on as we made our way toward the square,” noted Michelle Shelton, QOL Director for the facility. “We made a brief stop at the courthouse to take a photograph with Sheriff Rick Riddle and then at City Hall to take one with Mayor Nicky Smith. Upon return to our facility all participants enjoyed warm refreshments and socialization.”

Many people may ask why we walked around the community on a brisk, cold day to help others be aware of Alzheimer ’s Disease. Mary Dean Troxell, in her own words, answers this question best, “We all did this walk because this disease affects many people, not just us in the nursing home, but everywhere. It is a disease, not just something that happens, and it is sad. It was real cold outside today, with the wind blowing, but I would do it again and I wish others will also the next time we do this.”

Participants of the walk were: Jimmy Sidwell, Phyllis, Mary Troxell, Lorene Norris, Walena Dalton, Anna Irwin, Gloria Ferguson, Charlotte Tallent, Will Scott, Rachel Sheckles, Andy Daniels, Dawn Albertson, Bro. Michael Cooper, Nancy Gilbert, Donna Lee, Ashley Parrigin, Stephanie Parrigin, Tim Pickens, Cindy Strang, and Michelle Shelton.