Nepal mission project report

Posted December 18, 2013 at 3:54 pm

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by Keith McWhorter

Project Coordinator

The dates of this mission project were October 23 through November 3, 2013. Thirteen Americans from Tennessee and Kentucky participated.

This was a mission sponsored by LifeWay Christian Publishing Company in partnership with International Commission. There were two first time participants. One missionary from India joined us and we ministered in 16 churches.

There were 191 who indicated they accepted Christ as their Savior. Thirty came forward to rededicate their lives to Christ and seven presented themselves for Special Service.

We shared the gospel in homes, churches, a school and on the streets.

We trained several nationals on the use of the EvangeCube and left 26 Cubes with them.

Ross M. and Dale M. of LifeWay conducted a day long training session for pastors and leaders with 40 in attendance.

LifeWay’s Director of Missions participated in this mission and conducted the preparation meetings. All participants were well prepared.

Steve Farris, AST for the Indian Sub-continent, Bishesh and Pastor Timothy do a good job preparing the churches as 12 of the 16 were well prepared.

The Nepalese were very hospitable and welcomed us. They would listen intently but many would not make decisions due to perceived family, community, economic and social pressures of this Hindu and Buddhist culture.

Visits would normally last about two hours as there had to be a period of relational exchange before sharing the Gospel.

Nepal is a beautiful land but one of much spiritual darkness. There is much poverty but the greatest is spiritual poverty.

There are many gods and ties to the culture and history as well as the family that place stumbling blocks in the path of redemption. This is a very religious country but most have no relationship with the Savior.

Keith McWhorter of Albany, Kentucky shared with a Hindu lady whom the pastor said he had been witnessing to for eight years!

She readily prayed to accept Christ. There is an inspiration for us to draw here.

Do not give up praying and witnessing to your lost love ones. Also, there is something special about traveling half way around the world to share Jesus. People are continually impressed that one would go to such lengths to personally share the saving grace of Christ with them.

Jon W. of Tennessee visited with the pastor’s wife’s best friend. Her name is Jeshumya which means “Jesus loves you.” She had not fully understood how much Jesus truly loves her. She served tea then Jon had the privilege to share the story of Jesus.

She said she was ready to accept Christ and His wonderful love. Jon asked Pastor Saroj to pray the prayer of salvation with Jeshumya. He did and he and his wife were overjoyed!

Many seeds were sown and the pastors promised to follow-up with those who had made decisions as well as those who heard the Gospel but were not ready to commit.

The pastors want International Commission to return for another project.

Please pray about joining us in Bolivia for a large mission October 16-27, 2014.

Keith McWhorter

Project Coordinator

Missionary report author and Project Coordinator Keith McWhorter at Monkey Temple overlooking Kathmandu, Nepal with Himalaya Mountains in background.