Golden Harvest Village unit damaged by fire, smoke

Posted December 27, 2013 at 3:32 pm


The Albany Fire Department was called to the Golden Harvest Village Apartments last Friday to extinguish a fire that had broke out in Apartment B-10 occupied by Freddie Branham. Although that apartment received substancial smoke damage, Lucas Thacker, manager of the complex, told the Clinton County News that the damage was contained to that one unit.

Officials believe the fire began due to a faulty electrical appliance. In the top photo, Albany Police Sgt. Ricky Marcum and fireman Bozie York help guide two firefighters equipped with breathing equipment into the apartment as smoke billows out from the apartment door.

At right, fireman Mark Thrasher is shown removing Branham’s dog from the smoke filled apartment, after the dog was discovered inside by Assistant Fire Chief Mike Walls.