2013 … One last look back at the past 12 months

Posted January 3, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Breaking into a new calendar year is always a time of mixed emotions -the mixture of memories from the past 12 months that shaped our lives, as well as the anticipation of what life might hold for us here in Albany and Clinton County for the year that now lies ahead.

Before we completely close out the books on the headlines, photos and articles that filled the pages of the Clinton County News in 2013, and move on to what we will be covering in 2014, we would like to once again offer our annual look back at the year that was – The Year in Review.

Politics, governement, sports, birthdays and deaths were just some of the topics we covered for our readers in the past year, and we are again looking forward to the challenges of bringing our readers the news that will shape our lives for the next 12 months.

As always, it has been our pleasure to be your main source of news and events in our home county, and we would like to extend our wishes to all of our readers and advertisers for a happy and prosperous year in 2014.

We hope that you once again enjoy our annual presentation of the past 12 months of the events and happenings we covered in the pages of the Clinton County News . . .

The Year In Review