Local primary candidates total 52, ballot positions set

Posted February 5, 2014 at 2:40 pm

A late filing flurry on the final deadline date last Tuesday, January 28 saw eight local candidates file for election, bringing the total number of Clinton County candidates alone to 52. All toll, county state, federal and judicial races, an unofficial 74 names will appear on the local ballot in this May’s primary election.

The eight candidates who filed locally last week include: Richard C. Armstrong, a Republican for County Judge/Executive; Cameron Speer, Republican for Sheriff; Raymond Shelton, Democrat for Sheriff; Rayborn Starns, Republican for Jailer; Billy K. Smith, Republican, Magistrate in District Two; Matt Smith and Billy Cowan, Democrats for Magistrate in District Two and Dale Mason, Republican for Magistrate in District Three.

Also last week, there were some additional filings in the Secretary of State’s office in Frankfort, plus one candidate withdrawing.

Filing as Republicans for U.S. Senate was James Bradley Copas of Lexington, Chris Payne of Salvisa,and Shawna Sterling of Sharpsburg. One Republican, Gurley L. Martin of Owensboro withdrew as a senate candidate.

Also filing for U.S. Congress in the First District was Democrat Charles Kendall Hatchett of Benton, who will run against incumbent Republican Ed Whitfield of Hopkinsville this fall. Neither candidate has opposition within their own party in May.

Finally, three judicial candidates filed, including Steve Hurt of Burkesville who will take on incumbent appointed 40th Judicial Circuit Judge David L. Williams, also of Burkesville. Two candidates filed for Court of Appeals Judge in District Three. Debra Hembree Lambert of Mt. Vernon filed in Division One and will face incumbent Michael O. Caperton and Paul F. Henderson of Somerset filed in Division Two and will face incumbent James H. Lambert.

Judicial seats are filled on a non-partisan basis.

Of the total number of local candidates, 43 are Republicans only nine candidates are Democrats.

The most sought-after position in the county is that of jailer, where eight total candidates, seven Republicans and one Democrat is running and county judge/executive, which has a total of seven candidates, four GOP and three Democrats. Five persons are also running for sheriff, four Republicans and one Democrat. Only three persons are seeking the county clerk’s seat, two Republicans and one Democrat.

A total of 16 persons are running for the six magisterial seats that make up the Clinton County Fiscal Court. Fourteen of those are Republicans and only two Democrats, both of the latter running in the same second district.

Also 10 candidates are in the running for six constable districts, all Republican.

Several candidates, locally and district-wide, are running without opposition in May and some others without any opposition from either party.

Those candidates who will be running unopposed in May and November are:

County Attorney Michael Rains; Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) Pat Campbell; Coroner Steve Talbott; Fifth District Magistrate Hershell Key; 83rd State Representative Jeff Hoover; Second District Constable David (Sidewinder) Cross; Sixth District Constable Gilbert Daniel, all Republicans. Also unopposed 40th Judicial District Judges, Divisions One and Two, respectively, Scarlett B. Latham and James M. “Mike” Lawson, both of Albany.

Several Republican primary races which have no Democrats running, will be winner-take-all in May in most of the magisterial and constable districts.

On the ballot this fall, other than the candidates from the spring primary, will include all city officials and two members on the Clinton County Board of Education.

Drawing for ballot position on the voting machines was held last Thursday afternoon, January 30 in the County Clerk’s office and following are the results of that drawing:

* County Clerk: Republican–Shelia Braswell Booher, Vic Upchurch. Democrat–Dan Thomas.

* Sheriff: Republican–Jim Guffey, Cameron Speer, Ricky Riddle, Travis Denney. Democrat: Raymond Shelton.

* Judge/Executive: Republican–Lyle Huff, Jerry D. Hicks, Kevin Marcum, Richard Armstrong. Democrat–Mark A. Thrasher, George Keith Byrd, Charlene King.

* Jailer: Republican–Clyde Stearns, Johnny Thrasher, Joe Stockton, Tim Koger, Rayborn Starns, John Dee Beaty, Tracy Thurman. Democrats–Keith Dalton.

* Magistrate 1st District: Republican–Johnny Russell, Phillip Parrigin.

* Magistrate 2nd District: Republican–Patty Guinn, Billy K. Smith. Democrat–Matthew Smith, Billy Catron.

* Magistrate 3rd District: Republican–Terry Buster, Dale Mason.

* Magistrate 4th District: Republican–Gary Ferguson, Johnny W. Shelton, Ricky Smith, Ricky Craig.

* Magistrate 5th District: Republican–Hershell Key.

* Magistrate 6th District; Republican–Joshua Bowlin, David Harris, Mickey Riddle.

* Coroner: Republican–Steve Talbott.

* Constable 1st District: Repbulican–James W. Adkins, Andy Butler.

* Constable 2nd District: Republican–David (Sidewinder) Cross.

* Constable 3rd District: Republican–Rick Stearns. Democrat–Gary Rex Guffey.

* Constable 4th District: Republican–Ronnie Thrasher, Steve Bridgemen.

* Constable 5th District: Republican–Jerry Craig, Gary York.

* Constable 6th District: Republican–Gilbert Daniel.

* County Attorney: Republican–Michael A. Rains.

* PVA (Property Valuation Administrator): Republican–Pat Campbell.