Fiscal court extends weather alert provider contract

Posted February 19, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Clinton County Fiscal Court closed out funding on the Wellness Center and voted to extend service from the weather alert emergency provider CodeRed at its second special call meeting held within a week.

The court met with all members present on Tuesday morning, February 18, two days prior to the regular scheduled meeting on Thursday, a day in which most magistrates were planning on attending a Kentucky Magistrates Legislative Conference in Frankfort.

After approving the monthly treasurer’s report, and fund transfers, they voted to pay claims and bills.

Mark Foster and Jacob Chaney with the Kentucky Department of Trasnsportation then addressed the court on the Rural Secondary Road program, making recommendations for the use of $363,074 in FLEX funding for the 2014-15 fiscal year.

Two roads were recommended, including 1.1 miles of asphalt resurfacing on KY 639, the Caney Branch Road and 1.742 miles on KY 350, the Old Monticello Road.

The court voted unanimously to approve the recommended roads and Judge/Executive Lyle Huff noted that due to work being completed on the bypass last year, roads that were in the plan already would be done this year as well by Gaddie-Shamrock. He also noted the county may receive additional discretionary road funds this year from the state. Those funds have been requested by State Senator Sara Beth Gregory and others.

Huff said there would be a lot of road work done in the county this year with the funds that are now available and those yet to be unused this past calendar year.

Third District Magistrate Terry Buster also asked Chaney and Foster about a needed guardrail off Hwy. 558 on the Coon Trail Road between Piney Woods and Cartwright.

Foster said that guardrail requests are in a data base and installed in most needed areas, depending on availability of funds. He added the state was low on funding for guardrails but noted all requests are on file.

He also said that work being done on a portion of U.S. 127 South right now, which has some people curious, was for guardrail reconstruction work.

Judy Keltner then addressed the court pertaining to the remaining work and funding on the Twin Lakes Wellness Center project. The project started out with total funding of $4,150,000 and after all work was completed down to installing, or switching the facility over to natural gas, the total left was $274,071.80.

After the final phases completing the changeover, a balance of $29,612.15 was left. That money was earmarked for change orders that involved HVAV equipment and chiller repairs, building weatherization, a condensate control fan and large diameter fan for the pool, at a total cost of $29,588.04–leaving balance of $24.51.

Magistrate Mickey Riddle made a motion to approve the change orders as recommended, including in the motion to “spend all” the remaining funds in the grant. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

With the final funds being used, the project can now be closed out.

Director of Emergency Services Lonnie Scott then addressed the court about the CodeRed weather warning system, whose contract was set to expire after June 30.

The system was originally funded via a grant from Homeland Security due to the possible breach of Wolf Creek Dam as a means to alert residents in a four-county area around Lake Cumberland in the event of an emergency.

After the four-year grant expired, the Lake Cumberland Area Development District renewed the contract with CodeRed for a two-year period, which expires at the end of March of this year.

CodeRed has now made an offer to a four-county area of Clinton, Cumberland, Russell and Monroe counties to offer a contract at a reduced rate per county, contingent on all counties accepted the year-to-year contract.

The amount for Clinton County would be $3,610.20, beginning July 1, with an additional $902.55 to bridge the three month gap of April through June and that amount as well would not be charged until after that date, or with funds from the next 2014-15 fiscal year budget.

Magistrate Ricky Craig said he felt for that price, it would be worth it for the safety of the county’s citizens, and made a motion to approve the contract, which passed by unanimous vote.

The CodeRed system is an automated system that dials all homes or land line phones in the covered area in the case of severe weather emergencies and people can also have their cell phone numbers added to the system at no additional charge.

The system will automatically alert residents by phone in the event of an actual tornado warning or other weather related emergency.

The next regular meeting of Clinton Fiscal Court is scheduled for March 20 at 5 p.m. and is open to the public.