Booster Radio Auction another success

Posted February 26, 2014 at 2:49 pm

The annual C.C.H.S. Basketball Boosters Club / WANY Radio Auction last Friday night was another tremendous success, netting just under $8,000 for the varsity basketball programs. Held annually from the cafeteria at Clinton County High School, the auction saw a large gathering of workers and bidders at the event headquarters, as well as a huge number of local residents participating through telephone bids.


In the photos below, Mark Thrasher, far left, moved merchandise during one of the segments, while basketball players Josh Tallent and Clay Choate took bids from telephone bidders. Program hosts Jack Flowers and Al Gibson are seated at right.

In the bottom photos, Booster Club member Tina Langford, left, used her bullhorn to describe the items involved in each segment of the program to the crowd gathered in the high school cafeteria, as well as reporting the progress of the bidding on each item. In the bottom right photo, Booster Club member Andy Flowers displayed his “Vanna White” abilities throughout the event, holding up items that were being auctioned during the program for those in the cafeteria audience to view.

Both the Lady Bulldogs and Bulldogs are involved in post-season play this week, playing in the 16th District Tournament being hosted at Clinton County High School through this Friday night.

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