Make the difference today….stop littering!

Posted March 5, 2014 at 2:25 pm


Students shown above picking up litter near the Clinton County Area Technology Center are, front row, left to right: Cameron Ruhl, Zach Duvall, Arnoldo Radilla, Daniel Duvall, Kirsten Groce, Katie Melton, Joseph Irving, Robert Brown. Back row : Kenneth Gibson and Bryson Davis.

This group of students are in Jerry Bell’s electricity class that meets seventh period.

by Katie Melton

17 year old Clinton County High student

School. Currently, one of my teachers, Jerry Bell, has encouraged our Electricity Class to pick up garbage off the side of the road leading to our Vocational School.

Growing up, my parents taught me not to throw things out the vehicle windows (trash, food, toys, etc…) as we would drive around. I feel that I am very privileged to grow up in Clinton County because it is such a beautiful place and is known for its beautiful scenery and outstanding fishing.

Our county is such a BEAUTIFUL place; therefore, it makes me very sad/mad to see all the trash thrown out and strown out all throughout our county and on the sides of our roads. My mom and I take it upon ourselves to clean up others’ trash off of our road.

We pick up ridiculous amounts of garbage from our roadway every day. It is a county wide problem that NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED! It does not just affect the residents of Clinton County but also anyone who wants to visit OUR town, known as ‘Land Between The Lakes’

Take responsibility for your actions, and just because it can be ‘convenient’ don’t throw trash out the vehicle windows, JUST DON’T! Put trash where it belongs, in TRASH-CANS! Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own trash and stop making it everyone else’s problem to pick up after those who want to ‘take the easy way out, or is just be disrespectful to our land’. Littering laws need to be enforced. Also, our community needs to come together and pitch in and help clean up, not ‘pitch out’ trash for others to have to see.

Thanks for taking pride in our community!