Good Neighbors Theatre’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory concludes this weekend

Posted March 5, 2014 at 2:26 pm

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.psd

Three performances remain for Good Neighbors Theatre’s fantastic show Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Cast members pictured above are, from left to right: Joseph Cross as Mike Teavee, Shawn Hammock as Mrs. Teavee, Ron Bledsoe as Grandpa Joe, Zane Garner as Charlie Bucket, Aliea Garner as Mrs. Beauregarde, Kendra Lee as Violet Beauregarde, Jessica Perkins as Mrs. Salt, Faith Appleby as Veruca Salt, and Brian Cross as Willy Wonka.

This is a wonderful show for both children and adults to enjoy. Great sets, costumes, lights and sounds, props, choreography, and acting all come together to bring the magic of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book to life.

One more weekend of performances remains: Thursday, March 6th at 7:00, Friday, March 7th at 7:00, and Saturday, March 8th at 7:00. Please call the Byrdstown-Pickett County Chamber of Commerce at (931) 864-7195 to reserve your tickets.