Clinton County Area Technology nursing assistant students complete training

Posted May 14, 2014 at 2:13 pm

MNA Picture 2014.psd

The Medicaid Nurse Aide students of Billie Frye, RN Health Sciences Program at the KY Tech-Clinton County Area Technology Center completed their nursing assistant training last week. The senior students were very excited to have the opportunity to become certified as nursing assistants before their graduation. This certification allows the students to begin working in health care and further their careers as future nurses. The nurse aide students completed their clinical rotation at the Clinton County Care and Rehabilitation Facility. Billie Frye and the students would like to thank the Clinton County Care and Rehab facility staff and residents for allowing them to work in their facility.

Students pictured above are, left to right, front row: Savannah Marcum, Melissa Lee, Patricia Brown, Brittany Brown, Kelsie Hickman, and Nikita Avery. Second row: Billie Frye, RN, (instructor), Courtney Guthrie, Jamiee Mansfield, Makayla Marcum, Angela Irving, Courtney Bowlin, Sarah Glover, Manda Sloan, Keleigh Cross, and Miranda Angel.