Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted August 27, 2014 at 2:12 pm

Gridiron season off and running

I didn’t make the trip over to Pickett County Friday night but from what I was told by our football reporter – Brett Gibson – , our Bulldogs got off to a great start with a quick score, and things went south from there.

The Bulldogs eventually gave up the 20-6 loss to the neighboring Bobcats.

There’s still a lot of outings in front of us in this young season, and beginning this Friday night, we’re looking at a nice five game home stand which should help out.

A few things to note about the schedule, some of the schedule notes that have been published, and even one schedule that is still out there.

This Friday night the Trimble County Raiders are coming to Bulldog field, regardless of what has been printed earlier. That game was a location change that came last week at the request of Trimble County, way too late for schedule or Big Blue Preview revisions.

That change makes for the aforementioned five game homestand that will last through the September 26 Metcalfe County game.

In last week’s Big Blue Preview, two game times were incorrectly stated in an pre-season article that came from confusion in viewing the KHSAA site and differences in time-line travel.

So, to make things clear without muddying the water any further – it’s very simple. All Clinton County football games are set to get underway at 7:00 p.m. Central time, regardless of the game location.

That also means to disregard the listing on the KHSAA website that lists the Lynn Camp game as starting at a “half-past the hour” time.

Again – all games kickoff at 7:00 p.m. Central.

All “A” girls golf was a wash last week

It was a good call that tournament officials made last week at the Dale Hollow Lake State Resort golf course in stopping play in the girls’ All ‘A’ Classic regional golf tournament.

Lightning was beginning to streak across the sky after one earlier delay, and the players and fans (and reporters) were called back to the clubhouse just as play had gotten underway.

Looks like the event will be moved to Tompkinsville’s Hidden Hills Golf and Country Club and made up on a future date. Originally, it was slated to have been played at Hidden Hills, but a problem with the greens on that course reportedly resulted in the first locale change.

Congrats to Travis – and to LWC

A photo that appeared in last week’s SPORTS noted that former Clinton County Bulldog Travis Starns has signed to play baseball with Lindsey Wilson College.

This job allows me to interact with some of our student athletes from time to time, and last year I served on a local advisory board, the Clinton County Healthy Hometown Coalition, with Travis and sat next to him in a couple of meetings.

Can’t say when I’ve ever met a young man who was as well and straightforward spoken, polite, goal oriented and had his head on as straight as Travis does.

Congrats to Travis on this accomplishment, congrats to Lindsey Wilson College on signing a fantastic young man, and certainly congrats to proud parents Jerry and Melissa.