Overton County News

Posted November 5, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Two men who allegedly impersonated police to gain entry and then pistol-whip an Overton County man in his home were arrested by Putnam County deputies Tuesday, October 16.

According to an incident report from Overton County Sheriff’s Department, a Rickman man reported two men knocked on the door of his home Wednesday evening, October 15.

The report narrative by Deputy James Elliott said, “When (victim) opened the door the two men yelled ‘Police’ and pushed their way into the home. As the two men were forcing their way into the home, they told (victim) to put his hands in the air and get against the wall.”

The report alleged that the victim said one of the two men had a 9 mm pistol. He told authorities the two men demanded to know where he kept his medications. When he turned to point out where his medications were, he told authorities he recognized one of the men as Tyler Weatherby, 22.

“At this point (victim) stated that ‘You ain’t the law’ and started fighting with Tyler Weatherby,” the narrative continued.

The fight spilled out into the driveway, where the report said the victim believed the other individual struck him in the head with the pistol. The assailants then allegedly ran to their vehicle and left the scene.

A Be On The Lookout (BOLO) was issued by OCSD to surrounding counties. According to reports in the Cookeville Herald-Citizen, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Josh Reams and other deputies captured Weatherby and Caleb Chase Reagan, 21–the man said to have pistol-whipped the victim–at Sharp Lodge on Smithville Highway in Silver Point. Putnam County deputies said they found the subjects’ vehicle in the parking lot of the lodge and obtained supporting identification from the manager of the establishment.

The two were arrested and transported back to Overton County Justice Center for booking, the article said.