Remembering cruises and trips

Posted January 4, 2017 at 9:49 am

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Have you made out your bucket list? Mine is almost complete. I’m glad I did my bucket list before I got too old to enjoy it.

I love to snow ski, ride horses, clog, and ride on my motorcycle. I’ve been on three cruises. I love cruises. I think they are your best, and cheapest, vacations. All food is furnished and they have wonderful chefs on these cruise ships. The food is delicious.

I went to California to be on the “Price is Right” show. Sorry to say I was not called up or any of my friends, but Gail Ferguson won $100 when her name was drawn out of a hat.

I guess my favorite trip was to Hawaii in 1987. It was so beautiful there. I wanted to move there and teach school.

Niagara Falls is a site to see, especially on the Canada side. Colorado is a beautiful state with all of the ski slopes in the Rocky Mountains. Arizona is a beautiful state too.

Such a contrast in temperatures. You have the desert (very hot and the cool up in the Rocky Mountains). You have the Grand Canyon (such an amazing place). Sedonia is a nice place to visit with the red rocks. Also, the first time I stood on Route 66, I was at Flagstaff, Arizona. I-40 passes right by there.

Las Vegas is an exciting city to visit. I loved being around people from all over the world and talking to them. I went to New York City one month after 911. You could still see the smoke bristling from the twin towers.

I enjoyed my trip to Fort Worth, Texas, going to the Mesquite Rodeo, South Fork and Billy Bob’s.

One thing on my bucket list is not completed. I always wanted to write a book. I am working on two, but I am afraid I do not have a way with words.

Get working on that bucket list.

Rebecca Stockton