Math Achievement grant will continue to aid AES students

Posted February 8, 2017 at 10:35 am

Elementary age school students that have trouble, or fall behind in the area of mathematics will continue to have the chance to catch up and succeed in the subject, thanks to the continuation of a state grant.

Instructional Supervisor Paula Little said the Clinton County School District was recently awarded a $50,000 Math Achievement Grant which will be funded at the like amount over a four-year period.

“This (grant) will help us continue the highly successful math recovery program that has been operating at Albany Elementary School for the past nine years, or since 2007,” said Little.

The grant is awarded on a competitive basis and the district has been fortunate enough to be re-funded after each grant cycle and will re-apply after the current four-year period ends, according to Little.

The grant will fund intervention services for elementary school students who are below grade level in math.

Tonda Thompson is currently the Math Achievement Fund teacher at AES, a position that is funded by the grant money.

Little said that students take a series of math tests to determine those most in need of intervention and tutoring in that subject area. After a determination is reached, each student receives individualized help on a daily basis to aid them in improving their math skills and knowledge.

The children in intervention get one-on-one tutoring and/or in a small group setting.

Teachers are given coaching and training services as well as a result of the grant program.

Little said the district plans to serve approximately 50 elementary age students in grades one through three this year.

The Instructional Supervisor also praised Thompson for her excellent work and dedication as the Math Achievement teacher over the years, saying the program over the past almost decade now has helped literally thousands of young students better themselves in mathematics before going on to middle school grades.

“It’s a wonderful program and Tonda has done a great job,” noting she (Thompson) has been the teacher in the program since its inception.

“It’s a good quality program…top notch,” Little said in noting she was proud the district was once again awarded state funding to continue the successful program.