Rec park board elects officers

Posted April 5, 2017 at 9:23 am

The Clinton County Recreation Park Board held its regular meeting last Thursday night, March 30 with a primary item of business being to elect officers for the coming year. Secretary Paula Little chaired the meeting in the absence of outgoing chairman Vince Ostertag.

The board, after approving previous meeting minutes, voted unanimously to approve the monthly treasurer’s report.

The board had recently requested bids for the concession stand to be operated from the start to finish of the Little League baseball season. On a motion by board member Randy Speck, they awarded the concession bid to Albany Little League, which ran the concession stand during the 2016 season as well.

The election of officers for the next year was then held.

On a motion Leland Hicks, the board voted to appoint Wayne Glover as new board chairman. Board member Carol Parrigin also presented Glover a form to be used to complete Director Bobby Reneau’s annual personnel evaluation.

Paula Little, on a motion by Parrigin, was elected vice-chairperson of the board; on a motion by Speck, Gary Guffey was elected new board secretary; and on a motion by Little, the board voted to re-appoint Gina Poore as board treasurer.

Board members then discussed various points of old business, including signage (sponsorships) for the ball fields and the condition of the lawn mower, which needs repairs or replacement so the park can be mowed.

Several board members again discussed the importance of keeping litter picked up at the park to present a nice appearance. Director Reneau agreed with the emphasis on litter pick-up and will have graffiti at the park removed before the next board meeting later this month.

Board member Matt Smith also volunteered to assist Reneau with the removal of some metal poles off the grounds. Board members agreed that the park director should try and get rid of all old medal and wooden poles from the grounds before the next meeting.

Finally, it was announced that Little League Opening Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 22 and park board members were asked to try and be at the park by 8 a.m. that morning to hold buckets for donations that would go toward the park’s general funds for upkeep and maintenance.

The park board is still somewhat financially strapped until quarterly funding from city and county government begins being made during the upcoming 2017–18 fiscal year of each governing body.

The next regular meeting of the Recreation/Park Board is scheduled for Thursday, April 27 at 6 p.m. at the park and is open to the public.