Plans for first spay/neuter clinic move forward

Posted April 5, 2017 at 9:23 am

Plans continue to move forward with what is hoped will be a monthly spay and neuter clinic with the target date for the initial clinic to be held early next month.

The first of what may be a short series of informational meetings on the clinic was held last Thursday evening, March 30 at the VFW building on Hopkins Street, the location in which the monthly clinics will take place.

Around 14 individuals, including some board members that oversee the clinic’s operation and fundraising efforts, attended last week’s session, while a few other individuals had planned on attending were unable to make last week’s session.

The meeting was chaired by FURever Friends President Janet Brummett.

Brummett explained, in part, how the clinic would actually operate on the days it is held–with the first clinic scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, May 2 and 3, including encouraging as many volunteers who will be working hands on to attend a spay/neuter clinic later this month in Casey County.

A doctor who operates that clinic, and works at three other such clinics in Kentucky, Dr. Paul Pack, will apparently be the doctor who performs the surgeries at the Albany clinic each month. Volunteers attending will get a demonstration of the entire clinic day process, from registration to surgery, to animal pick-up.

Brummett is currently registering animals for the first clinic, but noted that unlike the clinic in Liberty, which has been doing the procedure with the same volunteers for years, that the local clinic should start out with only around 30 animals initially, until volunteers could become more familiar with the process.

Also, starting out, cash only will be taken as payment for the spay and neutering service and there will be extra services offered on a voluntary basis, such as providing certain types of vaccinations, medications, etc. for a small additional fee.

The fee set for the clinic is currently $30 for cats and $40 for dogs and no dogs under five months old will be taken.

A requirement for any animal to be spayed or neutered is that they have a rabies shot, which can be provided at the clinic prior to the procedure. Otherwise, proof of rabies vaccination will be required.

Brummet said the minimum number of volunteers needed is at least 12, but hopes to have a few more than that committed prior to early next month.

The process of paying doctor fees and other related expenses requires funding, and although some funds have been raised, more is needed.

The group also briefly discussed ways to raise money.

FURever Friends Board Member Janie Gibson and Clinton County Deputy Judge Joy Armstrong noted that during PRIDE Clean-up month all through April, the organization could earn some money by picking up litter along mile-long stretches of roadway. PRIDE will pay each group or organization $50 per mile up to 10 miles or roadway.

Gibson, who also noted the board was applying for a community grant awarded monthly by South Kentucky RECC, said that by joining the PRIDE clean-up campaign it would also show the community that the organization was serious about the project and was ready and able to work to help raise funds to get and maintain the monthly clinics.

The goal of establishing the clinic is to prevent countless future generations of unwanted dogs and cats from entering a world that has no room for them. Spaying and neutering also helps cats and dogs live healthier, longer lives. Sterilized animals are less likely to stray away from their owners, thereby reducing the risk of getting into fights, being injured and reproducing without control.

Some general information about the upcoming spay/neuter clinic is that pet drop-offs will begin at 8 a.m. and pick-up will be between 4:30-5 p.m. Volunteers are being asked to be at the VFW building between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. on the days of the clinics, and dress comfortably as the days will be long and hectic.

Several local volunteers will be going to Liberty to observe its clinic all day on Wednesday, April 19 for training.

At least one additional informational meeting will be held prior to the first clinic dates, with date and time to be announced.

Also, anyone wishing to help purchase or donate needed supplies such as cages, medicine, clean towels, and so forth, should contact Brummett at 387-9561 or call the FURever Friends of Albany 888-725-2269.