Facilities Committee approves ammended plan

Posted April 12, 2017 at 8:56 am

The Clinton County School District’s Facility Plan, as amended, is one step closer to final approval after the district’s School Facility Planning Committee gave final approval to the document at a brief meeting held Monday evening.

The action followed a mandated public forum on the proposed plan, in which no members of the public commented or asked questions.

There were 14 of the 20-member committee present and Tim Eaton, consultant with KSBA (Kentucky School Boards Association) a facilitator on district planning, chaired the session in the absence of committee chairman Tim Armstrong.

Eaton noted this was the second of two required public forums to allow community input on the proposed plan and the third meeting of the planning committee. After no comments came forth at the forum, it (forum) was adjourned and the facility planning committee meeting called to order.

Kevin Cheek, from Sherman, Carter, and Bernhart Architects, reviewed the revisions of the draft plan, and also opened the floor for questions from any committee member about the plan as presented. Only a handful of questions were asked.

The district is in the mid-term of its four-year plan, and according to Eaton, who is also working with six other school districts on putting together facilities plans, said that Superintendent Charlotte Nasief had realized there were some school facility issues that were not previously addressed, thus prompting revisions to the plan.

At a planning committee meeting held the last day of February, Cheek had reported the organization had completed an analysis of both Albany Elementary and the Early Childhood Center. The analysis on those schools, as well as previous schools listed for upgrades in the original version, the middle school, high school and Area Technology Center were discussed in detail at that meeting.

Cheek noted that the Kentucky Department of Education had approved most of the draft plan as submitted, deleted some items that primarily pertained more to maintenance and upgrades and additions, but had basically signed off on the amended draft version.

The KDE gave approval for up to about $34.6 million in total projects available for the district, although that amount does not cover everything listed in the plan as being of need. Other funding, such as issuance of bonds, would have to be secured for any amount in excess of what the Department of Education approved.

Cheek also added that ultimately, it will be up to the (local) board of education as to what items in the plan will be done and in which order, depending on prioritized needs.

Following the brief presentation, a vote on the revised amended draft District Facility Plan was called for and the committee voted unanimously to approve the plan, which will now be forwarded the Kentucky Department of Education for approval, which could come as early as this June.

A final public hearing will be held this Friday, April 14 at 5:30 p.m. at the Central Office board room to take any comments the public may have on the plan and the plan will also be available for the public to pick up.

Plans may be picked up at any time at the central office and oral and written comments can also be made and submitted without actually attending the hearing.

The plan lists needs at each school facility, including renovations, upgrades and additions, with the high school being in most need of work at this time.

A more detailed look at the school district’s facility plan will be published in next week’s Clinton County News.