Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted April 19, 2017 at 9:10 am

April showers bring plenty of schedule problems

A wet forecast for this entire week will not only hamper plans for lots of outside spring related work, but likely it will put a similar hamper on plans for a lot of outside spring sports games.

Baseball, softball and tennis games are all having to dance around spring weather in order to get games and matches in. This week it looks like there will be a lot of hit and miss for all three.

Weather permitting, the Racket Dawgs were set to finish out the week with matches at Metcalfe County on Thursday (GV-BV/4:30), while playing host to Whitley County on Saturday (GV-BV/10:00).

On the diamonds, the Bat Dawgs were set to host a couple of opponents to close out the week, Russell County on Thursday and Pickett County on Saturday, both with a 5:00 p.m. varsity start.

The Lady Bat Dawgs are slated to host Metcalfe County on Thursday (5:30), then hit the road for away games Friday at Pickett County (5:00) and then to Wayne County on Saturday, with opponents and starting times to be announced.

Youth League Opening Day is Saturday

A long standing tradition in Albany and most small communities in the nation is set for this Saturday when the youth league organization, now known as the Cal Ripkin League, holds its Opening Day ceremony.

A detailed article featured in last week’s Clinton County News noted that League President Chad Arms was anticipating a successful season for the entire league.

As I’ve said in this space each year, for years now, this group of adults who are working to organize and keep this activity going for our youth are to be commended for a pretty much thankless job well done.

Speaking from experience, if you want to work hard all summer for little or no thanks and plenty of criticism, then get involved with the youth league.

Still, getting to see these youngsters improve their skills, learn to be a part of a team effort and the most important part – have fun while being physically active, more than makes all of the negative aspects of having to deal with the adults certainly worth it.

Good luck officers, board members, coaches and players on another local youth league baseball and softball season.

A reminder to the general pubic, if you like seeing some great baseball and softball action from young, learning and eager athletes, look for the afternoon crowds every day at Mountain View Park.

The weather might be a little iffy, but still, every chance we get…

Let’s take it outside!