New fees approved for Tri-County Animal Shelter

Posted May 2, 2017 at 9:01 am

Clinton County Fiscal Court has approved new recommended fees pertaining to the Tri-County Animal Shelter and other information has been released pertaining to shelter guidelines. The court approved the new fees and took other action pertaining to the shelter coordinator position at its regular meeting last Thursday, upon recommendation from Animal Shelter Coordinator Tonya Costello.

Costello presented court members with proposed fees in relation to all the services offered at the facility, which has shown vast improvement in appearance, services, rate of adopting out animals and even its perception as compared to its adverse publicity just a few months ago.

The new coordinator began her duties on April 1.

Other than approving fee rates and other recommendations, the court also voted to provide a $5,000 bond for Costello in relation to her handling funds associated with vouchers that will be available at the shelter to have animal owners get their pets spayed or neutered at the soon to begin spay/neurter clinic that will be held in Albany beginning early next month.

Further, they voted to provide Costello with a cell phone. Currently the Rescue Coordinator, as the position is officially listed, is paying $45 per month for a cell phone and has been a financial hardship to her.

Costello has been advertising animals for adoption via social media and other means, but a personal phone would allow her to post photos of lost and found pets; posting on social media to secure rescue and setting up transport of animals (to no-kill shelters) and receive credit or debit card payments electronically, eliminating the handling of cash, and also for emergencies.

The court approved the following revised adoption fees, incorporating spay/neuter and rabies vaccination.

* Shelter fee: dogs, $15 (fee includes DHPP, bordetella and pyrantel wormer); cats, $10 (fee deters cats from being acquired for bait);

* Spay/neuter: Dogs, $40, cats $30 (vouchers for clinic cost);

* Rabies, $10 for dogs and cats;

* Adoption fees: dogs, $65, cats $50.

Other rates:

* Spay/owner drop off fee: $5 (This will aid in providing vaccinations. All animals are vaccinated on intake to control disease.) In the even the animal is euthanized the vaccination cost will be covered.

* Regularly scheduling of (jail) inmates: Once per month for deep cleaning to keep the shelter free of disease.

* Reclaiming your lost pet fee: $25 with proof of rabies without proof of rabies, additional $10, equals $35.

* To better track pull fees paid by rescues: Added an amount due, the county’s paypal address along with a due date and a paid line.

Reclaiming your lost pet: All stray animals brought to the Tri-County Animal Shelter are held for a state-mandated five (5) day hold. Unclaimed pets are then evaluated for adoption/rescue.

To reclaim a pet, you will need to pay a $25 re-claim fee (which includes DHPP, bordetella vaccine and pytrantel wormer.) Photo ID. If the owner cannot come in person, they can give permission to someone else. In this instance, the person must be 18 years of age or older and have a signed letter from the owner authorizing them to pick up the pet.

Proof of ownership: Please bring a picture of your pet or veterinarian records, etc. to prove the animal is yours.

Proof of rabies certificate: If you do not have a rabies certificate (rabies tag as proof the pet is current will not be accepted) you are required to pay a $10 fee and your pet will receive a voucher to receive the vaccine at the next scheduled spay/neuter clinic.

Total: Reclaim pet without proof of rabies, $35; reclaim pet with proof of a current rabies, $25.00.

Various forms and/or applications are also posted at the shelter, including: pet adoption application; owner surrender form; stray form; adult intake form; and FURever Friends of Albany Spay and Neuter Clinic vouchers.