Traditional Little Kentucky Derby runs in the sun, a few days late

Posted May 11, 2017 at 10:48 am



Although heavy rains throughout Friday and Saturday last week made for a wet, muddy and sloppy track on Saturday at Churchhill Downs for the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby, conditions for the traditional Early Childhood Center’s “Little Kentucky Derby” was all sunshine and smiles – and no mud whatsoever.

Postponed until Monday of this week so that the ECC students weren’t required to run in the mud last Friday, this year’s Little Kentucky Derby was again a big hit with those competing, as well as staff and parents who made up the infield crowd.

Students from all six kindergarten classes competed in the races that led up to a final Derby.

Pictured above, one of the fields of horses and jockeys involved in Monday’s races. In the photo at left, the six heat winners from each of the six classes, including, right to left: Waylon Warriner from Mrs. Tammy Cook’s class, Cullen Cooksey from Mrs. Jackie Frye’s class, Camden Mason from Mrs. Tracy Goodman’s class, Colton Stinson from Mrs. Tiffany Norris’ class, Camren Richardson from Mrs. Patricia Riddle’s class and Cannon Harding from Mrs. Lisa Smith’s class.