Greg Beard re-elected to RECC Director seat

Posted May 17, 2017 at 9:27 am


With approximately 13.51 percent of the South Kentucky RECC membership participating in the voting process, members have re-elected Greg Beard to serve as director for District 5.

There were two districts open for election – District 1 (western Pulaski County and a very small portion of northern Wayne County); and District 5 (Clinton County, southern Wayne County, a small portion of Russell County, and into Pickett County, Tennessee). The District 1 board seat, however, was uncontested, so incumbent director Cathy Crew Epperson retained that seat for another four-year term.

The newly re-elected Beard says he is pleased to be able to continue serving the members of South Kentucky RECC.

“South Kentucky RECC has been a vital part of our communities for nearly 80 years, and I am happy to be able to continue helping to provide affordable electricity to the members of not only Clinton County, but the entire SKRECC service territory.

“As I said when I was campaigning, a business, including South Kentucky RECC, should be run efficiently, and costs be controlled as much as possible, so those savings can be passed along to the members. Businesses should have vision and should constantly work to make improvements in order to provide quality service for the future. I have worked hard for four years to help accomplish this at the co-op, and I will continue to work to make further improvements.”

South Kentucky RECC CEO Allen Anderson says the election process is the members’ opportunity to exercise their right to select the director who represents them.

“Holding a director election is a very large undertaking, but we take care that the process is impartial and thorough. We try to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the process. In addition, we allow all members to vote either by computer or by paper ballot, making the process as easy and comprehensive as possible.”

Anderson adds that the membership is at the heart of all the co-op does and is what South Kentucky RECC stands for and represents.