McFall becomes first tennis player to make the state tournament

Posted May 17, 2017 at 9:31 am


Clinton County’s Zack McFall has made school histroy this year by being the first tennis player to make the state tournament.

Last week, McFall finished in the final four of the regionals which put him in the running for a state tournament appearance.

McFall was defeated in the semi finals of the region. He defeated a player from Glasgow in the third round, 6-2 and 6-1, but lost to a player from Greenwood, 3-6 and 2-6.

Greenwood’s player went on to play in the finals and won the regional, which according to head tennis coach Mickey McFall, Zack McFall had the best score against the regional winner than the player who picked up second in the region.

“In that sense he was probably second best in the region,” McFall said. “Zack was seeded third and I should have fought harder for him to be seeded second, but I actually thought that Zack had a better chance of beating Lancaster (Glasgow). There is not as much pressure going in as a three seed as there is a two seed.”

McFall will play in the state tournament Thursday at the University of Kentucky. Pairings haven’t been released as of press time.

“It is exciting. As a coach, having someone represent Clinton County at state is really exciting. The coaches he has had in the past have gotten him to this point. It’s been a journey since he has started and that’s been since middle school. Ms. Denney and Dee Soma both worked with him and of course he’s had private lessons. He missed out two years ago by being beat in the third round. It was heartbreaking for him. He has been driven ever since.”

According to Clinton County High School Athletic Director Nick Irwin, no other player from Clinton County has ever made the state tournament.

“He’s really excited about it. The only drawback is his first match is the same time as graduation,” McFall said. “Thursday and Friday, which are both nights of graduation, so we are going to have to work that part out.”