Lt. Governor visits Clinton County’s Trooper Island Camp

Posted July 26, 2017 at 9:06 am

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For the second time since taking office as the second-highest ranking public official in Kentucky, Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton visited a location in Clinton County that centers around the welfare of children.

Last Wednesday, Hampton spent the day with the young boys and girls who were campers for the week at Trooper Island Camp in south-west Clinton County on Dale Hollow Lake.

Hampton, who champions for children, their well being and the need to get a good education, spent time eating lunch with the campers in the new Trooper Island Mess Hall, in addition to spending time answering questions from the campers about her job and duties as Kentucky’s Lt. Governor.

While visiting with the campers at Trooper Island, she also spent some time on the Butler Boat Dock, fishing the waters of Dale Hollow Lake with the young girls and boys who were enjoying the week’s activities.

“Lt. Gov. Hampton had an absolute blast visiting Trooper Island Camp. She enjoyed touring the island, taking in its natural beauty, and seeing all of the camp’s activities. One of the highlights for Lt. Gov. Hampton was fishing with several campers and learning more about their interests, dreams, and future plans,” Hampton’s spokesman, Cody Patterson, told the Clinton County News Tuesday morning.

Trooper Island is a free summer camp for at-risk boys and girls operated by the Kentucky State Police on Dale Hollow Lake in southwest Clinton County.

“It was a great honor to host Lt. Governor Hampton, and to be able to watch her interactions with the kids,” commented, Trooper First Class Jonathan Biven, Trooper Island Camp Commander.

This camp is a chance for kids to connect with the Kentucky State Police and make a difference in their community. This co-ed environment provides an opportunity for at-risk youth from all 120 counties in Kentucky to interact with law enforcement in a positive, threat-free environment.

In October of 2016, Hampton, who was elected on the ticket with Governor Matt Bevin, made her first visit to Clinton County where she spoke to the students and faculty at Clinton County High School and even succeeded at marking off one of her personal “bucket list” items when she donned a set of drums and accompanied the Clinton County High School Band during a song.