Park Board approves youth softball tourney, reviews 127 Sale plans

Posted August 2, 2017 at 9:02 am

The Recreation Park Board’s Executive Committee, with six members present, covered a lot of items at its regular meeting Thursday, July 27.

It was the final meeting prior to this week’s 127 Yard Sale, which is the single largest annual fundraiser to raise much needed money for yearly operational expenses.

Coach Todd Messer first approached the board requesting the use of the park and ball fields the weekend of August 19 to put on a fundraiser softball tournament for 10 and under and eight and under girls.

The event would be a one-day tournament on Saturday through the end of play Saturday night.

Messer said he expected a total of two teams, at least two local, and would like the use of the concession stand to sell concessions, and use Sunday, August 20 as a rain date for the tournament, which will require the use of three fields.

Proceeds from the tournament will help fund the local girls softball team’s travel expenses.

Board member Paula Little moved to approve use of the park and fields, as well as the concession stand for that weekend, with the motion passing by unanimous vote.

More details on the tournament will be announced in the coming weeks.

The board then discussed the 127 Yard Sale which is going on this week, and as always, has become a mini-mall of yard sale vendor set-ups. Although Park Director Bobby Reneau was still on medical leave late last week, Michael Hood, who has been maintaining the park in Reneau’s absence, noted several spaces had been rented and were marked off for use.

Apparently many repeat vendors as well as some new ones had inquired about or already rented spaces in time to set up booths at this week’s sale.

There was also a discussion on some items that are stored in the Farmers Market building, including some old wooden picnic tables. There are also several new picnic tables yet to be put together and set up.

The board basically decided to get rid of the old wooden tables and have the new tables put together and set up at different areas of the park.

Board treasurer Gina Poore also informed the board that Pepsi had forwarded its second check to the board for soft drink sales in the amount of $1,881 and also the county had given its final quarterly allotment (March-June) of the last 2016-17 fiscal year.

The board, earlier on, voted to approve the monthly treasurer’s report as presented.

The board also noted that seventh and eighth grade football practice would be held on a field at the park this season and again discussed locking the main gate late at night and leaving only a walk-in area for walking track users at the front of the park.

Also at the meeting, Hood noted repairs had been made to bathrooms and noted there was a water leak at one of the meters at the park that will be reported to the city water department to be repaired.

The next regular meeting of the Recreation Park Board is scheduled for August 31 at 6 p.m. at the park and is open to the general public.