127 Sale brings buyers, sellers, treasurers and junk together again

Posted August 16, 2017 at 9:11 am


You never know what you might see at the U.S. 127 Yard Sale, and that alone is what brings out many buyers each year.

Included here are just a few of the scenes from last weekend’s gathering of Yard Sale buyers and sellers in Clinton County, which is just one of many counties along the six-state long route that stretches for about 700 miles.

In the top photo, local photographer Dipesh Soma captured this view of traffic near the intersection of U.S. 127 and Ky. 90 where several vendors are always located.

Above left, a booth at the location always produces at least one strange site, and this year was no different with this Hulk kiddie ride that was being offered for sale. Above right, rain on Friday caused several buyers to bring out umbrellas, but fair weather on Thursday and Saturday, brought out buyers in big numbers.

At right, vendors are always looking for catchy ways to attract buyers and bring them in to their areas, and this sign spotted in the New Ida Community of Clinton County served that purpose well.


Another year has passed and the 127 Corridor Sale is now officially over, but that doesn’t mean people are not still thinking about it.

Over the past few years, the NEWS has had the pleasure of talking with people all over the United States and most vendors sell all their items during the World’s Largest Yard Sale and start collecting for next year.

This year, in Clinton County, it seems the epicenter has somewhat shifted to a small area just east of the caution lights at the junction of KY. Hwy 90 and U.S. 127.

Hunter Shearer of Hunter’s Bar-B-Que sets up across from the old Albany Ford Garage, occupied by “Stuff” now.

Several 127 vendors rented spaces from Shearer, as well as across the road from “Stuff – Plain and Fancy”, operated by John and Mary Washburn.

The area also has several private homeowners operating booths and others in the immediate area, including Clinton Surveying, were also renting booth spaces, making the concentration of sellers a large “epicenter” of items.

The NEWS talked briefly with Shearer over the weekend and he and talked about all the vendors he hosted.

Shearer has been set up in the same location for several years now and he said with the combination of the cooler temperatures and the desire to browse through things, he thinks this has been one of the best weekends he has seen in a few years.

“The rain hurt us a little bit, but these yard-salers are very dedicated to looking for that special something. We’ve most definitely had a good week. It’s been cooler than most years,” Shearer said. “Ultimately, every year, we are wet with either sweat or rain, but it’s still a good time.”

Shearer said his location seems to grow every year and while his area had a lot of people to come in, he said he still had spots available.

“We’ve always got room for more. It’s seems to grow with the people coming through,” Shearer said. “It’s the World’s Largest Yard Sale! We’ve got more vendors than we’ve ever had, it seems to keep continuing to grow.”

Shearer prices his spots according to the amount of space each vendor wants.

“If they are going to put up circus tent and take up a lot of space then they will get a discount for the more spots they get,” Shearer said. “There is definitely a discount for the larger vendors … those who put up tents that are 40 feet by 80 feet and taking up some of the outskirts with stuff that won’t be hurt by weather, they get a little discount.”

During the 127 Corridor Sale, Shearer said he talks to people who come from all over.

“I spoke to people yesterday from California, Vermont, Organ … several people from the northeast coast,” Shearer said. “People from all over. One guy was looking to buy for a metal art business that he had in California. He flew into Nashville, Tennessee and started in Crossville, Tennessee and is going all the way to Michigan. He said he has already dropped one load that he was shipping back to California that was 6,600 pounds. He said he had three drop points set up already so it’s definitely scheduled and is a preplanned event.”

“These people are very serious about the World’s Largest Yard Sale,” Shearer said. “I’ve got my own stuff that I have for sale in addition to the Bar-B-Que and the lemonade. I have fire pits I’ve made over the winter and things like that. I’ve bought several item and sold several items.”

Even though the official sale only lasts three days, Shearer said some of the vendors have put in 11 days worth of yard sales.

This year, Shearer said several different items have been the main focus for people coming into his area.

“Advertising pieces and old primitive pieces or tools that people in California typically don’t find in their area,” Shearer said. “Some of the tools we’ve used in our area because of the terrain and that sort of thing have been hot items.”

During an interview early Saturday morning, Shearer was optimistic about it being a good day for the yard sale.

“Today is the day,” Shearer said. “Today is the day where people who have worked all week can get out. The weather is prime and the sun is shining, temperature is down and the crowd has already exceeded the previous days.”