Tennessee man arrested after high speed chase, multi-agency manhunt

Posted August 30, 2017 at 9:18 am


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On Wednesday, August 23, a manhunt ended in South Albany after a police chase that began in Pickett County, Tennessee before ending here, in Clinton County, Kentucky.

Andrew Maxfield, age 26, of Allons, Tennessee, was arrested at 4 p.m. on Robert Page Road in Albany.

The pursuit started in Pickett County, Tennessee, after Tennessee State Trooper Eddie Gibson clocked a black Toyota SUV at 103 miles per hour.

According to a press release issued by the Kentucky State Police, Maxfield was charged with multiple offenses, including speeding 26 miles per hour or greater over the speed limit, driving on a DUI suspended license first offense, failure of non-owner operator to maintain required insurance, reckless driving, fleeing or evading police in the first degree, two counts of assault in the third degree on a police officer, wanton endangerment in the first degree on a police officer and wanton endangerment in the first degree.

There will also be other charges pending during the investigation. Maxfield was lodged in the Clinton County Jail.

According to a release issued by Pickett County Sheriff Dana Dowdy, Trooper Gibson tried to initiate a traffic stop close to the Obey River Bridge in Pickett County, Tennessee last Wednesday.

Gibson proceeded to pursue the vehicle traveling south on Hwy. 111, but an unexpected U-turn by Maxfield turned the chase towards Clinton County.

Maxfield, and a passenger, Brittnie O. Davis, 30, of Livingston, Tennessee, proceeded to U.S. Hwy. 127 By-Pass.

At that time, Sheriff Dowdy contacted Clinton County Sheriff Jim Guffey and the Kentucky State Police. Trooper Jason Warinner responded to the call and set a road block up south of the intersection of KY. Hwy. 1590 and the 127 By-Pass.

Spike strips were deployed and at that time, Albany Police Chief Ernest Guffey was notified for city assistance.

According to City Police Officer Mark Bell, Maxfield turned left onto Wolf River Dock Road and made a u-turn and headed back towards the by-pass. In doing so, the black SUV attempted to ram Bell’s police vehicle.

Bell them pursued the black SUV on to Fairgrounds Road.

Bell said the black SUV then made another u-turn and headed back towards him in an attempt to ram his vehicle for the second time.

Bell had his sidearm drawn from inside his vehicle and once he saw the black SUV pull away from his cruiser, Bell fired a shot at the back tire of the SUV in an attempt to disable the vehicle.

Pickett County Sheriff Dowdy had Fairgrounds Road blocked with his vehicle when Maxfield reached that location, he rammed Dowdy’s vehicle.

When the vehicle came to rest in a field, the driver jumped out and fled on foot.

Davis, the passenger in the vehicle, was pulled from the SUV and questioned. According to the press release issued by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, Davis stated that she had only met the driver about a week prior to this incident and could not figure out any reason why Maxfield was “acting in this manner.”

Davis also told Kentucky State Police Detective Kenny Brown that she was in fear for her safety during the incident.

Davis was not arrested or charged.

Bell said he later went by the Clinton County Jail to talk with Maxfield and Maxfield said he remembered seeing Bell during the pursuit, but didn’t remember trying to ram his vehicle either time.

During the investigation, no reason was given as to why Maxfield’s allegedly did what he did.

A host of officers on the scene from various law enforcement agencies from Kentucky and Tennessee, spent over an hour searching the area for Maxfield.

During that time, the officers moved to several different locations in the immediate area as calls from the public began coming in with reported sightings of the suspect.

Most of those reports turned out to not be the suspect.

After fleeing on foot and about an hour-long search, Maxfield was found and apprehended on Robert Page Road when a law enforcement helicopter arrived on scene to assist in the search.

During the chase, Clinton County School Superintendent Charlotte Nasief was notified and buses were held, with all schools put on “soft lock-down.”

According to the uniform citation issued by Kentucky State Police Trooper Jason Warriner, he advised Post 15 on the current situation and multiple KSP units, including Kentucky Fish and Wildlife units were en route to assist in the search.

Maxfield was lodged in the Clinton County Jail with bond set at $200,000. The investigation is ongoing and Maxfield will also face numerous charges in Tennessee as well.

“I was just glad nobody was hurt,” Police Chief Guffey said.

When a crime is committed across state lines and forces agencies to cross state lines to make an arrest in a situation like what happened Wednesday, Sheriff Guffey said it’s important for communication across state lines to be good.

“It’s very important. We help each other out all the time,” Sheriff Guffey said. “After the call for assistance came out, it was only a couple of minutes we responded and was in the area. One of the biggest obstacles we incurred was traffic. People were wanting to come up there and see what was going on.”

Sheriff Guffey said if the black SUV had come through there and hit those spike strips, there would be no way the driver could have maintained control, putting everyone in the area in danger.

“It could have resulted in numerous cars being struck by this person,” Sheriff Guffey said. “The safety factor is our main concern. We were trying to box him in to keep him from getting into town. It was almost time for school to be let out. SRO (School Resource Officer) Ricky Marcum was with us as well and we contacted the school and told them to hold off on releasing the buses.”

Sheriff Guffey said he was prepared to help escort the buses if Maxfield wasn’t caught in time for the buses to run.

“Kids’ safety was first and the public safety,” Sheriff Guffey said.


Law enforcement officers from both Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as personnel from the Clinton County EMS and Albany Fire Department, crowded the scene on Fairgrounds Road where Andrew Maxfield’s vehicle was disabled after a high speed chase. Maxfield, who first began fleeing in Tennessee, left his vehicle on Fairgrounds Road and was on the run for over an hour before being arrested on the Robert Page Road.

At left, officers are shown putting out spike strips in an attempt to stop Maxfield, but the suspect left U.S. 127 before reaching that location.