The world has changed

Posted September 20, 2017 at 8:47 am

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Boy has the world changed. Not for the better I think.

When I was a kid, I grew up watching “I Love Lucy,” “Andy Griffith,” the “Beverly Hillbillies,” etc. Now what do kids see on TV? Sex, dirty language, etc. Back in my early days, if a dirty word was said on TV, that would have been a disgrace. Now it is a common occurrence.

When I grew up, we went to church every service Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night and every night to revivals. We went to all family reunions close to home. We went to the graveyards on Memorial Day and stayed all day. We took a picnic lunch and set under a shade tree. We helped our neighbors without expecting something in return. We visited our neighbors.

We visited our relatives. We would go and spend a week with aunts and uncles who lived away from Burkesville. We played with all the neighborhood kids. Everyone would come to our house and play, because we had a big field by the side of our house.

We would play softball, touch football, Red Rover, Red Light, Green Light, Annie Over. We rode bicycles a lot, and at night we would play Hide and Go Seek. What fun we had! Now, kids don’t play together. They play on video games all the time. No wonder kids are heavier now than back then.

I grew up on Dog Mountain in the city of Burkesville, Kentucky. I look back with fond memories of that time. Sometimes when I go to Burkesville, I drive up by my homeplace on Oakland Street, for memory’s sake.

The house sure has changed. Someone bought it and remodeled it. It is beautiful. The brick has been painted and black shutters are on the windows. Doesn’t look the same, but it is still home to me. Love that place!

Back then I didn’t know what drugs were. Children didn’t commit suicide. People did not go into schools and murder innocent people.

Please help us God. We need Your help. We need You. I know there are still a lot of good people in the world. Maybe that is why God is putting up with us for a little while longer.

Rebecca Stockton

Albany, Kentucky

Rebecca Stockton