Football team defeats Caverna 70-25 and move to 4-0

Posted September 20, 2017 at 8:50 am

The Clinton County Football Team, under the direction of Head Coach Jamie Miller, put a 4-0 record up last week after defeating Caverna 70-25 on the road.

Miller was pleased with the effort from his team and he said he was able to substitute early in the game allowing every player to get some playing time on the field.

“We got everybody in,” Miller said. “Basically in the second half it was a continuous clock, so we played a lot of backups and got them in pretty quick in the second half.”

Even though Miller was pleased with the win, he said there were some issues that need to be worked out before the next game against Metcalfe County.

“We had a hard time holding on to the ball. It could have been a lot worse (scorewise), but we couldn’t hold on to the football,” Miller said. “I’m not the type of coach to run the score up which is why we wanted to go hard in the first half and then sub the rest of the game. We dropped the ball on a couple of two point plays, lost two fumbles. It wasn’t at a point to where it really hurt us, but it was just a wasted play.”

Miller said this coming week they will work on taking care of the football.

“We can’t do that this week. We have to take care of the football,” Miller said. “They played well for the most part.”

Metcalfe County is 4-1 at this point in the season and this week’s game will be a test for Clinton County.

“We are going to have to make sure we are taking care of the football. They have a couple of good runners and we have to have sure tackles,” Miller said. “They don’t throw the ball all that well, but they run the ball well and have a good defensive team. Last year we scored 20 on them and I think we will have to have that much or more this year.”

Miller wants to re-enter district play and Friday night will be a deciding factor for him and his team. Metcalfe is in the same district as Clinton County and depending on how the team plays against the Hornets, Miller said, will determine if they decide to get back into district play.

“If we show up ready to play I really like our chances this week,” Miller said. “Last year, I think they finished second in the district by beating Monroe and Green counties.”

Friday night’s game will be on the road and kick off at 7 p.m.